Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Chief and the CapPo

Dear Chief Erwin & the CapPo:

My goodness, you cannot imagine how much I love you! You aren't going to hire trolls to shut down my FB page are you? 

I have a single daughter. Every night I pray that she will marry a man who struts instead of walking; who never smiles; who barks instead of talking; who wear a buzz cut & looks shockingly like a skin-head; who puffs out his chest and harasses... musicians! Oh, my! What a wedding under the chuppa!

I was looking at your Mission Statement, Core Values, Objectives and Commitments.

Nothing there surprised me at all!

You are such manly men and women! I love your hyper-masculinity. You know every mental health professional in the USA is in their hay-day, don't you? Smiling!


"To project an aura of authoritarian power and control that will intimidate everyone everywhere all the time just because we can."

I love it! It is so... inclusive!

And, your Core Values are so... so... Right Wing.


1. Power & Control
2. Testosterone
3. High & tight with painfully close shave
4. Loud deep voices
5. Puffed out chests and puffed up egos

And, my, you have such admirable and macho...


1. To arrest as many visitors to the Capitol as possible.
2. To earn extra points toward promotion by arresting frail elderly people.
3. To earn maximum points by causing the dangerous altos and sopranos to fall by walking too fast or by pushing them down the stairs. Or, tripping them.
4. To impress Republican bosses by tightening the cuffs on the arms of little old ladies and little old men so tight that their arms go to sleep and leave marks on them. 

VERY manly and very sexy!

Well, if I were you, I would have my testosterone levels checked immediately because this sounds counter-phobic. Look it up! It is my professional opinion that you have serious questions about your masculinity and hence, your hyper-masculine behavior. 

I love you as, of course, I love all of the wounded, ill, injured, damaged, misbegotten, ill-informed, ignorant, phony, mongrel, imperfect, inferior, baseborn, mongrels of this imperfect world we live in.

Oh, my dear! I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings. I do fear that the Cap-Po are giving men a bad name.

Love and peace,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Feminists - It's a BFS

Dear Feminists:

Have we just screwed ourselves - metaphorically speaking, of course?

In the interest of persuading men and women-hating women that we are as capable and competent as men, have we grossly underestimated the seriousness and significance of women's reproductive issues including menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth.

Let me put it this way. At least weekly, my father had some huge temper tantrum or became grief-stricken and cried over something such as seeing a poor child at the grocery store. Or, he became upset with my mother and threatened to leave her - he was incapable of getting through the day without her. Or, someone died and he was unable to set foot inside a funeral home because he was emotionally unable to.

Yet, no one doubted his capacity to hold a job.

On the other hand, my mother never had a temper tantrum, never missed a day of work, attended every funeral and I was 18 before I ever saw her cry. She made a lot of people cry, but no one had ever seen her cry.

But, people were concerned in those days that she might be unable to work when she got her period or if she had children.

So, we have been making light of periods, pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing for about 50 years now.

Now, politicians seem to be completely unaware that women absolutely have to have reproductive health care their entire lives and it is a big f#$*ing deal.

And, conservatives think women have abortions for convenience - sort of like stopping by the 7-11.

Maybe I took after my father and am a big crybaby, but menstrual periods were a really big deal. 

I had dysmenorrhea. When I got my period, I got chills, diarrhea, extreme pain and cramping, and vomited for the first day of my period. 

And, pregnancy and childbirth are really big deals. Such big deals that women all over the world would rather die than be pregnant or give birth.

Pregnancy is a life altering event for everyone and a life ruining event for most young girls and many women of any age.

Pregnant women often gain enormous amounts of weight. Pregnancy ruins the shape of your body forever.

Many women suffer nausea, heartburn, headaches, swelling, urinary frequency, backaches, constipation, breast tenderness. 

Some women are nauseated for months and some experience such severe nausea that they have to be hospitalized. 

There is absolutely nothing funny about childbirth in spite of how it is portrayed in movies. It is horrendous. 

When my daughter was born, the nurses told us that there were so many patients in the obstetrical ward were unhappy! Why? There were so many girls too young to be having children. We thought we were on the "happy ward!" No, not so.

Young girls and boys have sexual desires and desires for relationship, comfort, commitment, etc. years before they have any ability to take care of a baby.

So, there is a truth that is just not being addressed. Women and girls are not having abortions for "convenience" as conservatives and Evangelicals would have us believe. 

Just as in the past, girls and women have abortions because an un-planned un-wanted pregnancy is a terrible horrible thing and they would rather be dead. Nothing will stop abortion. Nothing.

And, women's reproductive health care and experiences are really big deals.

With love for women everywhere.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Gov & Lt. Gov - About Those Unions

Dear Governor and Lt. Governor:

I was remembering my childhood today - and, thinking about your goals to disempower unions.

You both have very limited experience of life. Let me share mine:

Unions are necessary for survival. Do I believe in unions? You bet.

Do I believe in the 40 hour work week, paid over-time, lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, no child labor, safety regulations, NO LOCKED EXIT DOORS IN FACTORIES, living wages, employer based medical insurance...

I grew up in Appalachia. And, that is where Wisconsin is headed. Not on purpose, but because you lack life experience and you believe that your pursuit of the corporate agenda is harmless.

The corporate agenda reached Appalachia 150 years ago.

But, I will paint a picture: My father working outside at hard physical labor in broiling Southern sun and humidity traveling where ever he had to for union wages and with medical care - and able to send his girls to college. 

Half mile away non-union coal miners, emaciated, working underground in dangerous mines, getting Black Lung Disease, working every hour they could AND THEIR CHILDREN, MY CLASS MATES, GOING HUNGRY! I could write a book. 

Guv, do you see a lot of children going hungry - day after day after day? Or experience hunger day after day after day? Or hopelessness... Forever.

People in KY died to unionize. I believe in unions. Watch "Harlan County USA." My father's birthplace.

Now, I am in Wisconsin watching it turn into Appalachia. I am sick about it. It is not about conservative politics. It is about corporatism. I don't think either of you are brilliant thinkers, but I am pretty sure you know that. 

May God have mercy on your souls.

Love and best wishes, Vivian

P.S. I sent this love letter today and I invite you to do so also. You may simply state, "I agree with the writer" if you don't want to write your own letter.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dear Anti-Choice Men: Part II

Dear Anti-choice Men:

Does shouting at people change behavior? You seem to think so. You just seem to shout the same old arguments over and over and over and...

Your basic arguments seem to be that:

1. Women who have unplanned pregnancies should show more self-control. They are sluts, in other words.

2. But... but... but... abortion is killing babies, anti-choice men repeat... over & over & over...  

So, I'll try shouting and see how effective it is!

+People, DO NOT have sex before commitment!!!
+Unmarried partners, DO NOT have sex without a condom!!!
+Everyone, ALWAYS use effective birth control as directed +Use birth control ALL THE TIME EVERY TIME !!!

Women, NEVER EVER get pregnant by mistake -- 
+even if you don't have insurance, 
+do not live anywhere near a free clinic,
+do not live near Planned Parenthood,
+cannot afford the price of the most effective contraception, 
+do not have transportation,

Even though birth control isn't 100% effective, you must NEVER EVER GET PREGNANT BY MISTAKE.

Following the logic, poor women cannot afford to have sex!

None of this takes into account natural sexual drives and the human desire for companionship and communication.

Poor women cannot afford the best & most effective birth control and they cannot afford to have children. 

Screwed, literally & figuratively. Celibate until they win the lottery, go to med school or become the next guv - no need to get an education for that!

Now, anti-choice men, mothers and fathers have been screaming those messages to their teens for a few millennium.  But, let's try screaming anyway. I am going to shout at you

ABORTION IS NOT KILLING BABIES. That is YOUR belief. It is not everyone's belief. That is your religion. It is not every religion. It is a belief, not a fact. Other peoples, religions, cultures have NOT believed that a fertilized egg, a zygote, or an embryo is a baby. In other times, cultures and religions, an embryo wasn't considered "human" until it "breathed the breath of life."

WOMEN DO NOT HAVE ABORTIONS FOR CONVENIENCE!  How patronizing can you get?  Men, you have just proven that you are completely out of touch with the lives of women! Unplanned pregnancy & children can ruin the lives of families, women and couples who are already living on the margins socially, financially, emotionally. 


Women risk their lives, all over the world, to have abortions because they would rather be dead than bring another child into their world.

Women living below the poverty level in the USA are 5 times more likely to have an abortion than women who live above the poverty level.

Women who cannot feed, clothe, house, or educate a child are more likely to have an abortion. Women who cannot care for existing children, who already have a child too close in age, who do not have support or a stable relationship are more likely to have an abortion.

And, adoption? No, far too many women just cannot even face pregnancy. Women all over the world risk death every day rather than risk pregnancy. Pregnancy is not without risk. It is not an inconvenience. It can be an overwhelming physical, emotional, intellectual experience -- even when happily anticipated. 

The very fact of a pregnancy being unplanned presents likely complications. Because of lack of awareness: no prenatal care, alcohol and drug use, continued use of dangerous medications, etc. 


Ah... the reason that I know that decreasing the incidence of abortion isn't really the goal is that the best way of doing that is to make contraception easily accessible and affordable.

The lowest abortion rates in the world are in Western Europe where abortion is legal and contraception is easily available.

So, is the shouting working?

With love in my heart!


Dear Anti-Choice Men: Part I

Dear Anti-Choice Men:

How can I say this in the most loving way possible? Hmmm...

Shut the f@#$ up!!!

Completely & with my whole heart I can understand people who simply believe that abortion is wrong. I can.

What I cannot stomach are the ignorant and sexist comments that men make about women and abortion.

I visit pro-choice site after site after site and who do I see? Anti-choice women? NO! Anti-choice men! 

Gentlemen, and I mean that facetiously, get another hobby.

May I suggest masturbation?

In the kindest way possible, I am telling you that abortion is none of your business. Because it isn't your body.

BTW, have you just been planting your seed everywhere and you think that every pregnancy in the world is your business?

Why in the name of God are YOU suggesting that women exercising self-control? Where is/was YOUR self-control? It takes two to create a zygote, Mister. 

What about abstinence for YOU? All of you. There would be no unplanned pregnancy without you, men.

What about postponing sex until commitment? Have YOU men done that every single time you have had sex?

Did you postpone sex until you took your wife/girlfriend to a clinic to choose together the very best birth control for her health and lifestyle -- and did you pay?

And, were YOU using a condom each and every time for her safety and yours?

How many birth control options can you name off the top of your head and do you know the relative effectiveness rates and the dangers?

If you have sex with women you don't know and they tell you they are using oral contraceptives, do you check to verify?
Do you verify is a partner says she is using an IUD?

If you have sex with women you don't know and they tell you they are using oral contraceptives, do you check to verify?
Do you verify if a partner says she is using an IUD?

That's a trick question! Don't have sex with women you can't trust!

Did you wait to become sexually active until you could afford to pay for prenatal medical care for a pregnant woman, hospital delivery if needed, pediatric care for a baby, medical follow-up for the mother and on-going child care for your off-spring? 

Yeah, well I know you and you didn't.

Why not, slacker!?!

Because a pregnant woman who doesn't have an abortion has no choice. She cannot run and she cannot hide.

I love you, but you are living in a La-la Land of your own devising where some imaginary sluts that you have never met get pregnant because they are irresponsible.

They are your wives, mothers, sisters, aunts. They got pregnant by the likes of you and your best friends. They had abortions because they had no money, no support, no food, no car, no apartment, no partner and being pregnant would have ruined their lives. They would rather be dead.

Convenience? You think women have abortions for convenience? You obviously have no imagination - and imagination is empathy. You don't care, dudes. You just don't care.

Come down from your high and mighty perch. I know just who you are. 

Much, much love!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dear Feminists -- Oh, You Are A Feminist Now

Dear Fellow Feminists:

Dear Fellow Feminists: We Need a Revolution. We are going backwards at an alarming rate.

What is it going to take to end violence, including sexual violence, against women and children. And, I include political violence - the creepy crawly kind that lasts for decades.

My sister country wo/men & true believing feminists, what is it going to take to end violence against women. What is it going to take to get us the salaries and opportunities that we deserve? And, what is it going to take to get the political & reproductive health care freedom we deserve?

What is it going to take to get money, support, and time from deadbeat dads and support children the way they deserve.

What is it going to take to get conservative Republican men to devote themselves to the care and well being of their wives, daughters, and mothers – to their health care, educational opportunity, financial security, and reproductive healthcare? What?

All women need health care, food, clothing, shelter, security and a good education.  And, reproductive health care is vital health care for all females from puberty until we die.

All women, over 51% of the population, very much need on-going Ob/Gyn care their entire lives: from the first PAP test to the last, contraception for over 30 fertile years, spacing children, and for diagnosis and treatment of hundreds of conditions affecting the quality of their lives - including diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

There are dozens of decisions that women need to be educated about and be treated for (growth and development, menstrual issues, breast development, cysts & tumors, STD’s, birth control options, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, when to have children, spacing children, etc. These issues are very emotional and profound. Deciding what is best effects  emotional development & relationships.

On top of all of this, we have churches who have gone into business but now want to run their businesses according to the rules of their churches – and require their employees and customers to follow their religion!

These obstetrical and gynecological decisions are medical and personal and so very private. These are not issues between a girl or woman and her legislator, or senator or governor!  And, I submit these shouldn’t be decisions between a woman and her churchmen.

And, yet! Our legislators, churches, and church owned health care facilities want to make these decisions for fully grown independent women.

A huge conglomerate of overwhelmingly male political and religious rule makers, who have never been pregnant, may never have had sex, may never have been financially independent, may never have had a family, are unlikely to have been responsible for raising a family alone, who have never given birth, may have never been poor, never lived in a car, never been destitute, never had sole responsibility for a handicapped child…

These people, mostly men and strangers all, want to make access to ob/gyn care more difficult for poor women to access, make access to contraception more difficult, and tell women whether she can have an abortion! Shame!

These men get to decide whether the church hospital you work for has to pay for contraception in your benefits package, whether they let you die if you come in to the ER in a crisis during your early pregnancy. And, your legislators, who aren’t doctors, get to decide if you have to have to have a medically unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasound probe stuck up your vaginae against your will to try to discourage you from having an abortion that is against their religion – not yours.

You get the check. It isn't free.

There are health care costs and must be picked up by someone. If not, there must be free clinics and Planned Parenthood Clinics readily available. 

Oh, oops! Our friendly conservatives are trying to run the free clinics and Planned Parenthood Clinics out of town by over-regulating them. We thought they didn’t like regulation and government interference?

What is it going to take to stop men (especially conservative Republican men and religious men) from associating women's reproductive health with promiscuity? Why aren't conservative religious Republicans up in arms about male sexual performance enhancing drugs such as Viagra? Why isn't Rush Limbaugh going on a rampage about M(ale sl)uts? (Muts.)

Religious and political men think we are stupid sluts - to dumb and too sexual to make our own decisions and control our own bodies.

I don't think so. I think they are poopy heads.

Why do conservative men want to limit access to birth control and make abortion inaccessible and illegal. Really. What is the real reason. I have to say, and I usually have an answer to everything, that I have no idea.

Why aren't men outraged that their beloved daughters, wives, nieces, mothers, sisters are being sexually assaulted in epidemic numbers? Why, why, why?

I have no idea! None!

The only possible explanation I have is that men are assaulting women in such epidemic numbers that they are terrified of being called to account. And, men have a voracious need to control women.

And, what will it take to end it?

It will take a revolution of bigger proportions that the Civil Rights Movement of the 50's and 60's.

It will take a leader of the magnitude of Martin Luther King, Jr. Not a bureaucrat. Not a politician. A leader.

It will take women who are ready to die for equality. It will take a movement of the magnitude of the Suffragette movement. Thousands of women marching in the streets. WITH OUR HUSBANDS, FATHERS AND BROTHERS.

Because those louts are coming with us this time. So, read this letter to  your husband, father, sons, uncles, grandfathers and take them to the next march and buy them a pink T-shirt. They are coming with us.

It will take women who are ready to march in the streets; face the police; face the military; face police dogs; face water hoses; face arrest after arrest after arrest; face social rejection...

Because we are still facing and still fighting the same battles that we were fighting in 1900, 1969 and 1869.

IF we valued women and children, our statistics would prove it. IF we wanted women and children to be safe, they would be.

Our stats show what we value. And, we don't currently value women and children. So, let's change that!

I love women. I love children. And, I love men. I don't want them to be brutes.

But, it is going to take a revolution to end the brutality against women. No one is going to give us anything.

Much love,


PS I am looking for some PINK TENNIS SHOES! I am wondering, if I threw them in the general direction of the next antiabortionist neanderthal I heard speaking, would I get in bad trouble?

Feminists, I include all of you who are feminists and don't know it. So, if you believe that women are equal to men under the law, that your female children are equally important to your male children and that you are of equal import to your husband - Congratulations! You are a feminist.

If you believe that women have the same legal rights as men, you are a feminist. If you believe women have the same right to vote, you are a feminist. If you believe that women have the right to work for a living, go to college, be doctors and lawyers and telephone line "workers,” dig ditches, join the military or die for our country, you are a feminist.

If you believe that men & women who do comparable work should receive the same money and benefits packages, you are a feminist. If you are a surgeon with the same training and experience who works the same hours as a male surgeon and does the same job as a male surgeon, and believe you should have the same compensation package, you are a feminist.

And, husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, if you want women making the money they work for and are ready to fight for their rights, then you are our allies and we need you! Welcome in, men!

Women, here is a warning: You will make me want to throw up if you say, "Oh, I'm not one of them feminists..."  I would like to puncture your tires and slap you, but you are  still feminists if you have a career on Fox News, have written 5 books about hating feminists, go on speaking tours bashing feminists, and are richer and more successful than your husband... You are still most definitely a feminist!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dear Democratic Grassroots Strategists & Tacticians

Dear Grassroots:

I am not a strategist nor tactician, but I notice it took women 50 - 60 years (or a couple of thousand years, depending on your view) to get the right to vote. And, I am old enough that I have seen women gain and lose reproductive rights in my adult life time.

So, I'm thinking we are underestimating the job ahead of us.

Women suffragists engaged in aggressive agitation & relentless lobbying; clever publicity stunts; non-violent confrontation; creative civil disobedience; actions that were versatile and imaginative; street speaking; huge demonstrations. They put on huge and clever parades and pageants. They picketed the White House for months on end. The endeavored to get arrested. They campaigned to be recognized as political prisoners.

American women engaged in a 12 day/170 mile hike and a 225 mile march. They piloted airplanes, had swimming competitions and climbed mountains - for the cause of getting the right to vote.

In Great Britain, women broke windows, bombed houses, burned homes and churches, cut phone lines, spit at police and politicians, cut/burned suffrage slogans into the turn at stadiums, sent letter bombs (really?), chained themselves to railings, attacked a doctor with a whip, rushed the House of Commons, attacked a PM with a hatched and another man with a meat cleaver. There were not interested in "non-violent protest" although in general their aim was no violence toward people - just toward property.

In case anyone is confused about where I stand, I believe that the state of Wisconsin and most of the political process in the USA is under the control of very big money & power. Money & power run the political process in our country. Let's call it corporatism.

I don't want to point fingers and hurt feelings, but I don't think most Democratic politicians and leaders have a clue what to do about the current political reality - certainly not the DPW or state politicians here in WI. They are fighting their mo/thers' political battles: dial and knock. Dial and knock. Raise money.

And, we have a grassroots who are not united and so far have not yet decided to work together with modern strategies and tactics. Marching around the capital didn't do it.

Dear Suffragists, we need you right about now! We need to all come together to defeat Walker & the corporate agenda for Wisconsin and the USA! We need to get smart. Get a message that gets right to the heart. Get that message out! Get candidates that THE PEOPLE support! And, then just follow the Suffragist - no, not the violent stuff! Silly.

The creative, versatile, imaginative stuff!

Oh, I love you all!

Let's do it!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Dear Crazy Eyes

Dear Michele Bachmann

Dear Michelle,

I love you. I really, really do! I am able to love you, even though you are pert near unlovable by anyone except your mother, because I am NOT a follower of Ayn Rand.

I am a humanist--a lover of human kind, one who endeavors to practice unconditional love and tolerance. I also read the Bible. You should try it--especially the New Testament! See what Jesus says about judging, feeding the poor, healing the sick, caring for widows and orphans. More Christian politicians should read the Bible. They really, really should.

Back to you. I have been concerned about your mental health for a long time. When you are running for president, I was more concerned about my mental health--and that of this country which I love so much.

You are bat-shit crazy, sweetheart.

And, I am not only wondering how you got out of law school. (With a degree? For real? Mail order? I have not done my research.) But, now I am wondering how you got out of high school.

Hope I didn't hurt your feelings.

I read The Marriage Vow that you asked presidential candidates to sign. I have seen your husband and honey, I would not sign that paper for anything! Then, again, I have heard you talk, and I would not sign that vow, were I him. Shewwweeee. You two deserve each other!

Basically, these vows were a pile of doo-doo.  

So, being the altruistic humanitarian that I am, I wrote vows for future presidential candidates to sign! Out of the  kindness of my heart!


1. I vow that I will not run for president of the United States of America if I am bat-shit crazy.

2. I vow that I will not run for president of the United States of America if I am dumber than a box of rocks.

3. I vow that I will not run for president of the USA of America if my moral development is lower than that of a serial killer.

4. I vow that I will not run for president of the USA if I am just generally a stinker.

5. I will not run for president if I have left more than one chronically ill wife for a mistress; have been married more than 2 times; am a pedophile; troll for men, women, children, or adolescents on Craig's list or...have more than 1 philia.

6. I will not use the term "Judeo-Christian" to pander to Jews.

[Where were all the "Judeo-Christians" when Jews couldn't join the country club? Now, ultra conservatives want Jews to join forces politically? Ha! I don't think so!]

7. I vow to support enduring fidelity between all committed partners especially between politicians and their constituents.

8. I regret the widespread hypocrisy on the part of Republicans & wish they could be more like Democrats and then we could have real discussions. (Ha! Just having a little fun :-)

9. I regret that Republican policies have forced more and more young people into the vicious cycle of poverty which deprives them of a vision for their future resulting in an increasing likelihood of early pregnancy & school dropout. These are virtual guarantees of continuing poverty. I will apologize publicly. (Oh, just messin' with you again!)

10. I regret adultery, especially that committed by politicians who cheat on the American public with thieving Corporations and their pimps--the lobbyists. I will profusely apologize and mean it - for realz, as kids say.

11. I regret the strong correlation between ultra-conservatism (religious and political) and sexual dysfunction especially adultery. I will buck up and walk the walk! Or not -- but, I will STFU up about everyone else's sexual indescretions.

12. I regret all forms of abuse: of self (alcohol, drug, etc.) of others, of power, of constituents, etc. and vow to stop lying, cheating, and stealing from the American people...right now! Or... at least vow not to get caught too frequently.

13. IF my husband happens to be a mental health fraud who is stealing from insurance companies, Medicare, and MA as well as individuals by offering treatments that are scientifically unsubstantiated, I will apologize to the American people. In understandable English.

Because, as we all know, ALL scientific evidence indicates that homosexuality is genetic, hormonal, and neurologically structural and there is no evidence linking homosexuality to environment.

[I join all Americans in asking "WHY OH WHY" do Republicans think about sex ALL the blessed live long day! They must read the literature about homophobia. MUST READ! The 80% of America that is not a Right Wing Nut (RWN) is bored to tears.]

14. I vow not to be a hypocritical slime sucking mother of all bottom feeders by accepting agricultural or other subsidies while decrying wasteful spending.

In honor of Michele Bachmann!  Good bye, Darling, good bye!  You were worth your weight in entertainment and you will be missed. I really love you and will miss your crazy eyes!

Your friend,


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dear Serfs: That Means YOU and ME

Dear Serfs

I love you. I really, really do! But then, lots of people love you--in a really demeaning sickening kind of way.

By "lots of people," I mean that 0.01% of the population loves you--the very, very rich and powerful such as the Koch brothers, hedge fund managers, a couple of Supreme Court justices, and the kinds of people that drink $350.00 bottles of wine and go to meetings at Rancho Mirage. Oops, I can see I am going to have trouble finding the humor in this! What would they do without

Oh, did I say "Dear Serfs?" I meant to say Dear Minions, Peasants, and Servile Dependent Underling Subordinant Sycophants--the kinds of Serfs that support feudalism and promote it.

I just love how you can live in modest houses in modest neighborhoods earning modest livings with virturally no savings, no investments, no power, no net worth outside your homes and still find it in your hearts to support your Lords and Masters in the Republican Party, on Wall Street, in the Supreme Court, and in the media.

In other words, "Dear Republican Right-Wing-Nuts! Hope I didn't hurt your feelings.

How do you do you keep your delusions!?! How do you manage to continue to support and, frankly adore, your Lords and Masters? It is amazing!

I am frankly envious of the 0.01%. Good grief--if my math is correct, someone at this level of wealth has as much annual income (from investments, of course) as 1,000 families in the bottom 90%. I want a few houses, and a few cars, and a few boats and a few...a few more really big things! Why aren't you just green with envy of the Koch brothers?

But, no. No. You Serfs are modest people--or possibly you are really, really confused. You are envious of...I cannot believe it are envious of school teachers? And snow plow drivers? And, sanitation workers? You think they make too much money? Yes, you think school teachers make too much money. I wish my mother were alive! She was a school teacher. She would die laughing.

Before the current crisis in Wisconsin, folks in Janesville were just sick with envy of General Motors line employees. Yes, you heard that right. They could have been envious of Donald Trump or the CEO of General Motors--or the Board of Directors. But, no, they were envious of people who did physical labor in an un-airconditioned plant with all the over-time they could get.

I have never heard you Serfs, er--I mean, you conservative Republicans--express outrage over the fact that CEO's make an average of 185 times more than the average worker and that average worker would be YOU. Why, you seem to support your Masters with your entire hearts and souls! You don't want them to pay anymore taxes! You don't want their banks and businesses to be constrained by common sense, or law, or morality, or regulation or ...

Oh, perhaps you don't know you're a Serf? Perhaps you think you are going to make it rich?

Hasn't anyone told you the deck is loaded? Haven't you heard--you are not going to become CEO's? You are not going to be the new "rags to riches" story? Hope I didn't hurt your feelings!

Rather than support unions and good wages and benefits, you RWN (Right-Wing-Nuts) want to decrease wages, benefits, and union rights for everyone--including yourselves? I've never understood that part of it. If you are a Republican with a union job working for the government, do you want to cut your own salary and benefits and give up your own union rights? Just askin'

Then, while simultaneously supporting the ultra-rich and powerful--with whom you have nothing in common (in fact, most Serfs have never met their Masters), being envious of school teachers who make squat/year, you RWN Serfs also manage to maintain the delusion that you are the wealthy privileged people that are supporting a vast hoard of poor welfare slobs and other social leeches. Say what?

Serfs, you are supporting the rich and powerful, school teachers and government workers are not the rich and powerful, and you are not the rich and powerful.

The richest 10% of Americans own 2/3 of American's net worth. The average income for the top 1% has risen 120% since 1979 while the income for the bottom 60% has flat-lined.

But, by golly, you support them with everything you have! No more taxes on anything or anyone for anything! No more regulation! Sell those state assets to private corporations! Lower wages! Bust unions. Get rid of benefits --who needs 'em! Increase the work day and work week! Bring back child labor! Those Lords and Masters need more money I don't know what because I've never met one! Because, God knows, they aren't creating more jobs!

The average income for the top 0.01% is over $30 million and you are worried sick about them having to pay a little bit more in taxes. Serfs, you are not disgusted by their greed. You are not disgusted by off-shore tax havens. You are not disgusted by tax loopholes for the ultra-rich. You are not disgusted by pay-to-play politics. You just love the freedom that the Supreme Court recently gave corporations to buy elections.

But, then, you share with me your disgust for people who are barely surviving on disability. And, you tell me that you don't really want people to die from lack of health care, but you shouldn't have to pay for it, either.

Serfs, I am confused. I really, really am. And, disgusted.

Your friend,


Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans:

I love you! I really, really do. I might be the only person to the left of Atilla the Hun who loves you, but I really, really do. (Google it, TP members! And, start supporting education, for God’s sake!)

Recently, I have discovered how much we have in common. This is causing me some grave personal problems and some real heart-burn.

I am having an identity crisis. I am afraid I might have a Republican hidden inside my compassionate, intelligent, informed, and educated body.

Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings! Actually, I’m just messin’ with you. What I really fear is that I might be a closet Republican.

Am I too old to have an id crisis? Hell to the no! I hate ageism and prejudice of every sort. If young people and gay people can have an identity crisis, then I can, too!

So, here are the reasons I think I might be a closet Republican. What do you think?

I hate political correctness. When I first started hanging out with Republicans a few years ago, I was completely confused by all the words and phrases I couldn’t say anymore. Atheism? A complete no-no! Feminism! Bwahahahaha! And, please don’t begin a sentence with “Ethnic...” even if you were going to say something about ethnic food. Republicans are against ethnic food. Honestly. [Or, maybe they are just against talking about ethnic food? Wait a minute…wait a minute… What if it is a Republican of German descent? Then, is it OK to talk about German food? So confusing!] “Planned Parenthood?” Run for the door.

Diversity—I hate it. I sing alto, and I have been suspicious of sopranos since high school. I noticed then that sopranos all have narrow pointy faces and just look unsavory. I feel that they are untrustworthy—so, it must be true! Who needs facts when you have opinions and feelings? The soprano that I hated most was a tall blond cheerleader. You guessed it. I was a petite, brunette, non-cheerleader. My BF was a star football player and… I have a lot of feelings and opinions about tall blonds. Always have had. I’ve hated diversity ever since.

But, what I really, really loathe is the government in my health care. I hate even having my doctor in my health care! Sheesh! Get the government of out my life! Get out of abortion. Get out of birth control. Stop telling my insurance company what to pay for and let my doctor determine my medical care! Do you honestly think I want Randy Bed-Hopper or Newt Gingrich in charge of birth control for my 23 year old? That’s not even funny. I’m throwing up a little in my mouth.

I am also a really, really old-fashioned girl with very traditional values. Maybe I belong to the regressive party instead of the progressive party? Back in the misty past of my idyllic childhood, people minded their own business. Why, the most revered teacher in my tiny little rural school district was lesbian and everyone pretended not to know! Churches were in the business of religion and not homophobia, Islamaphobia, racial hatred, or national politics. My mother was a wonderful role model of an independent career woman—a school teacher and librarian. My father was a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers who was so scared by the Great Depression that he wanted all 3 of his girls to go to college, have careers, and have jobs with pensions, social security accounts, and health care benefits--and work until they retired or died. Because, life is not secure, you know. Aren’t we rediscovering this?

I want to move backward to a point in time where a man with an 8th grade education could make a great living building the interstate system for our country and rednecks like him were feminists who could send 3 girls to college! How can I be a progressive when I want to go backwards!?!

What about personal empowerment and responsibility of the individual? I am a huge believer in this! I believe it is my personal responsibility to smack down some really rich and uppity politicians and I feel empowered to do so. This is provoking a huge identity issue for me because this is a Conservative Republican position and it is Republican Corporatist politicians I want to smack down! Does this old-fashioned view of life make me a Republican? Or, does smacking down Republicans make me a progressive?

Maybe I am Bi-Political! This is not to be confused with bipartisan. I am completely and totally opposed to the corporate agenda for Wisconsin and the USA. But, I could see myself using a few of their tactics. I really, really could!

Your friend,


Dear Marriage Obsessed Heterosexuals

wEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2011

Dear Heterosexuals

Dear Heterosexuals;

[I published this letter 2 years ago on the Defend Wisconsin News Round Up Blog when I could not have imagined the Supremes actions of this week. Ahhhh... Time passes!]

Heterosexuals, I love you. I really, really do. But, you are getting on my nerves—you really, really are. Give up this fetish you have with marriage. Gay people, it ain't all it's cracked up to be but you are welcome to it.

Especially grating are all of you married heterosexuals who are, well—let me be honest— cheating, lying, drinking, drug abusing, adulterous, wife abusing, pedophiliac, child abusing, scum suckers who want to reserve the holy institution of marriage for yourselves after marriage has ruined your lives.

What are you thinking! Haven't you realized that marriage is simply standing in the way of your political ambitions?

We need a HAMA—Heterosexuals Against Marriage Act!

Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings!

I say that heterosexuals have been damaged by marriage and have damaged marriage beyond all hope and should just give it over to anyone else that wants it! If gay people want marriage, well for God's sake, let them have it!

What use does Newt Gringrich have for marriage? About as much as a hog has for roller skates! It has only been a road block to his romantic excursions—an albatross around his neck. And, for Randy Bed-Hopper, marriage was a mere byway on his journey to a career as a live-in “nanny” for a beautiful young woman. Very gratifying, I’m sure. I can imagine. Trying not to imagine. I have a lovely daughter about that age. Throwing up a little in my mouth now...ewwwww.

And, husbands and wives tend to look down on entertainment that involves lesbians, bondage, and S&M at political conventions. Wait a minute! Were there any women at that convention? You know, the “party of family values” convention? Someone should file a discrimination suit if Republican women weren’t invited to the party as guests--inviting them as entertainers doesn't count. And, were there only “lesbian” entertainers? Were there also male entertainers--maybe a drag show? Because otherwise, I think there is a discrimination lawsuit in the offing. If I went to a political convention that only had female entertainers and no male entertainers, I would be hopping mad.

But, I digress.

Look how much more fun conventions would be if no one was married and didn’t have to worry about getting caught. Oh...Wait a minute! No one worries so this may not be a valid point.

Anyway. Where was I? Spouses have no sense of humor and that is one of the main problems with marriage, don’t you think?

Mark Sanford could go to Argentina every weekend if it weren’t for the institution of marriage and his backward, antediluvian commitment to it. Honestly, get a divorce and make an honest man of yourself! Argentina isn't the problem, Mark! Marriage is, dude.

Just think of how marriage has hurt so many politicians! Mike Duvall would have been fine talking about his sexual conquests if it weren’t for that pesky marriage.

And, poor John Ensign! That beleaguered man would have been free to have sex with anyone he wanted if he weren’t married and his friend wasn’t married and his employee wasn’t married to his friend—or perhaps if he had fired one and stopped being friends with the other, or refrained from going on vacations with them both AND with his wife… Nah, nothing would have helped him.

Let’s not even talk about toe tappers in bath rooms, men who are gay but who politically persecute homosexuality and are married to women and have more children than the little old lady in the shoe (what the heck is that about?). Didn’t marriage cause all of this? If they weren’t married, would anyone have cared? Now, their kids have to change schools. That ain't fair.

I am not even going to address men who put the moves on young interns—really young interns or child porn or pedophilia or any other utterly depraved and illegal actions. Only the legal and mental health systems can cure those problems. May the perpetrators rot in hell. (I have never claimed to be a compassionate or forgiving person--ask my husband.)

But, as for the problem of marriage, don’t defend it, I say! Give it away! Let GLBT couples have it. They cannot do any worse than heterosexuals!

We need HAMA—Heterosexuals Against Marriage Act. We've done everything in our power to destroy marriage while claiming to revere it. If we haven't destroyed marriage with alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, infidelity, child abuse & incest, poverty, ignorance, and dishonesty then surely we cannot be accused of caring. 

We have tried our best. Let someone else have it.

Your friend,


Dear Women: Stop Kicking Men Around!

Dear Women:

I want to end sexism, altogether, forever. It will hurt. It will be terrible. There are no doubt things that we love about the sexist world and we will lose them.

We won't have men to kick around anymore. I love kicking men around--and, some of you do, too. We won't be able to blame men for everything that happens to us anymore. Oh, I just love blaming!!! We will have to start out life knowing that we have to get an education or training, chose a profession or occupation, make a living, and work our entire lives until retirement. Things poor women have been doing all along. No big deal. It's worth it when you don't have to ask anyone for anything!

And, men will benefit in some other ways. Their mothers, wives, sisters, & children will probably stop seeing them as moronic filthy nasty pigs--and more as human beings. They will be far less hated and far more respected.

Men's sex lives will improve dramatically once they become equal partners and their women no longer see them as children. Women cannot be sexually attracted to a man who leaves his nasty underwear in the floor for her to pick up, who dribbles all over the bathroom, who covers the kitchen in peanut butter--and throws his carry-out containers in the back-seat.  That is a 10 year old. When he grows up and begins acting like an equal partner--and quits treating his wife like some combination of mother and camp counselor, they become equals. He will become a stud, again and his wife will find herself married to a "REAL MAN!"

When men & women are equal, men will stop seeing women as the grand providers: cooks, house keepers, baby-sitters, and prostitutes. They may, at some distant point, begin seeing women as actual human beings capable of conversation and equal to them in intelligence, ability, creativity, achievement.  And, women will stop seeing men as responsible for making their worlds go round - with some luck.

Of course, there are even more serious situations than this. There are women today who do not have checkbooks, credit cards, or "allowances." Although they legally have access to their family income, their husbands do not allow them to have access and they acquiesce. Today. In 2012. I know a woman who gets $5.00/week from her husband. He takes her shopping for her clothing and their children shopping for theirs. He buys all household goods and groceries. He pays for all school events and fees. Yes, today.

Then, of course, there are couples living in total chaos and dysfunction. Women and men troubled by addiction. Children living in complete chaos with any of the basics of life--including safety, love, and security.

Worse, there are women and children living in fear for their lives. All over the world. All over the USA. While many of us sit and watch the telly in safety and security, eating popcorn, drinking soda. Women are having their hair torn out. Being thrown down the stairs. Punched in the face or the gut with the fist of a much bigger and stronger person. Even if the children aren't being assaulted, the children are hearing and witnessing  a beloved parent or pets or other children being violently assaulted.

All over the US, children are cowering in the bedrooms hoping not to hear a step down their hall tonight. Hoping not to hear the door knob turn. Hoping not to feel...


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dear Facebook

Dear  Facebook,

I received a warning from FB yesterday that an item of mine had been reported and removed from FB for "violating community standards." The item was neutral. It was not hateful, threatening nor obscene. It wasn't shocking or controversial or even very interesting. Why was it removed? It was reported by a troll.

Democratic, liberal and progressives in WI are under attack by Republican right wing "trolls" and members of a group who call themselves "the knot." They form fake Facebook pages and report Wisconsin activists for FB violations. Many, if not most, activists in Wisconsin have been banned from Facebook at some point.

Even posting a polite dissenting opinion is now taking a risk that trolls will report you and you will lose your FB privileges for hours, days, weeks - or perhaps lose your age altogether.

Among other things, the trolls come to progressive event pages and make hundreds of hateful annoying posts. We have been threatened, our events threatened, the make/model of my car has been published, etc.

But, when they are banned, they just open another account in another fake name

I recently tried to post a sermon from a liberal but mainstream church and FB would not accept it because it had been reported as spam! A liberal mainstream church with a You Tube account had their sermons reported as spam.

Our ability to even operate our friendship pages on FB is being paralyzed very effectively. Because FB operates largely without personal involvement, and trolls have discovered this, liberal & progressive activity in WI is being shut down.

So, we aren't going to let a little thing like this stop us are we? And, I do realize that I am drawing attention to myself with this post. It's just well... I hate to be told to sit down and shut up!

Vivian Creekmore

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unspoken Aspects of Abortion

Dear Compassionate Hearts:

There are two aspect to abortion that I have never heard anyone speak openly about.

1. We frequently say that men do not understand women and the issue of abortion. What we mean is that MEN CANNOT UNDERSTAND WOMEN, PREGNANCY, CHILDBIRTH AND ABORTION.

Logically, and to men and to those opposing abortion, pregnancy is a perfectly normal every day occurrence.  Giving birth and rearing children is a perfectly normal every day occurrence. Being poor is a normal every day occurrence.

But, BEING PREGNANT IS A REALLY BIG DEAL. There is nothing funny about it. According to my obstetrician, it the single most dangerous time in a woman's life. Pregnancies for many women involve:

  • Weight gain and fluid retention that are no laughing matter,
  • Severe headache & migraine, 
  • Back ache and muscle cramping,
  • Nausea that may last the entire pregnancy,
  • Insomnia,
  • Hypertension,
  • Onset of diabetes and a host of far more serious complications.
Of course, there are many medications that women cannot take while pregnant, so their medical conditions may have to go untreated.

Men can go on with their lives no matter what kind of pregnancy a woman has: no 9 months of migraine and nausea for them. A woman's life is determined by being pregnant.

Then there is childbirth - almost always portrayed humorously in the media. I have never heard of a funny birth. A woman's body is changed forever by pregnancy and childbirth. Her hormonal levels are changed. She may need stitches to the perineum and may have bruising. She may have had surgery. Her entire body is changed forever.

Men's bodies are not changed and they can go on with their lives after fathering a child. They don't have stitches in their penises, their breasts are not swollen to twice their normal size and their abdomen isn't shrinking back from having been stretched to accommodate another being who drained them of nutrition and energy for 9 months.

For too many women, childbirth is followed by postpartum depression, rarely but sometimes postpartum psychosis, sleepless nights, too little emotional and physical support and all of their other responsibilities.

Poor women are 5 times more likely to have an abortion than women who live above the poverty level. Women with no food in the fridge - or who are homeless, no car, no job, no support... just cannot face going through all of this to bring a baby into a joyless life.

Yes, I think it is safe to say that all men and many women have no idea what pregnancy and childbirth are like for those who did not plan and do not relish the very thought of it.

2. Then, there is the other element. I have only heard one person allude to this: The stark staring terror of being pregnant that leads women to go anywhere and do anything rather than continue the pregnancy.

Beyond the practicalities and the logical, there are women who are horrified by the thought of being pregnant. Who have never wanted to be mothers - or who just cannot do it again no matter what. Who have no logical reason or explanation but would rather be dead. Some of us can remember them from the 60's and early 70's.

No matter what my personal beliefs are about abortion, telling people not to have abortions won't stop them.

Telling people not to have sex won't stop people from having sex.

Telling people to use effective birth control every time- or, 2 types of birth control - doesn't work.

Keep abortion safe, legal, accessible and affordable - no matter what your personal beliefs.

Love, Vivian

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dear Teacher Haters: Oh Grow Up

Dear Teacher Haters: 

Oh, grow up. You are being used by the rich and powerful. The POWERS THAT BE are managing to starve our educational system by creating hatred of school teachers and you are an example. And, I know who you are: you are the jerks who said, "Na nana booboo!" in kindergarten, aren't you?

Here is a post from a Facebook friend of mine and veteran teacher Rachel Maciejewski:

Most of you who really know me know that I have been teaching the children in Milwaukee for the past 25 years. I love my profession, students, their families and my school. I’ve worked in schools/environments that many would have run away from. 

Prior to Act 10, I never really understood or cared much about the political ramifications of my profession. I did not pay attention. After reading and educating myself on the issues, I began to see how the last budget was going to affect my students and my own children and I began to speak up. I am not going to apologize for who I am or for my beliefs when it comes to children. 

In the past two years, I have been called names, had my salary posted on FB by people I thought were friends and watched some of my good friends sit by and say NOTHING while that happened to me. I spoke up about the new budget last night and got this response: 

“@ Rachel Maciejewski - How much do you make from Union thugs?? how much do you suck from the tax payers on a yearly basis....well guess what? that number just dropped $650 million as that money goes back into the pockets of where it belongs: the tax payers. Monopolized public schools have abused their monopoly in the market place as they have "bargained" for higher and higher wages and benefits that we, the tax payers, had absolutely no say in when it came to the negotiation process. That process is NO MORE. WE are back in charge....NOT you. Its OUR money, NOT yours. WE are the boss....NOT you. You do what WE say. If you don't like it, then quit.” 

I’m done trying to justify why I chose teaching as a profession. I’m done trying to explain that I am also a taxpayer and that I work for the benefits and salary I earn. When I went to UW-Madison I did not say to myself “Oh, let me become a teacher and screw the taxpayers of Wisconsin.” 

I have taught 26 years, have two degrees and cannot even tell you how many extra classes I have paid for to renew my license and/or to learn more about my profession. I work hard and my family rarely gets to see me or spend time with me. If that makes me the enemy in Wisconsin and you agree with the person I quoted above, please unfriend me. I’m not going to apologize for who I am, what I believe in or for fighting for what is best for my children and students. I’m done being the “punching bag” for others who have no clue. I will know who truly I am blessed to have as my friends in the end. ]

Dear People: Come Together Right Now!

Dear Fellow Wisconsinites:

Come together right now or I am going to smack you. I have had it up to here!

We have all fallen under a spell. We believe that opinions about political party, religion, reproductive rights, union rights, etc. separate us.

That is an illusion. A magic trick. We may have differing opinions about those issues. But, we are being manipulated by power & money interests who are using those differences to turn us against each other.

There is only one issue: Power and money vs freedom and democracy. We are on the same side, Democrats and Republicans. We should all want freedom and democracy. Because if we don't all have it, none of us have it.

I have been watching a small group of very self-interested people drive wedges between various groups of normally sane people - and, it is depressing the hell out of me.

People have been manipulated into hatred & envy of school teachers - school teachers! People worth billions of dollars have manipulated middle class and working people into accusing teachers of being "rich." The absurdity of it should have us all agog!

Powerful politicians, and those who fund them, have managed to create hatred of working people & unions. The idea of "union thugs" went out of business in 1972, unions have and spend far less money than corporations do on political campaigns, and yet people are throwing those words at secretaries, nurses and, again, school teachers.  Unions have benefited the people of the USA in ways too numerous to list, yet people are showing hatred toward union members. Hatred!

People wealthy beyond our imagination have convinced average working class citizens that everyone should reduced to the lowest common denominator and no one should have decent benefits or vacations. And who does this benefit? Corporations now have a large pool of people who hate unions and don't believe that employees deserve a decent compensation package! How convenient for them

The powerful corporatists courted Evangelicals for 30 or 40 years. Do I believe that the powerful wo/men running gigantic oil companies and funding political campaigns don't believe in science? Hell, no! They don't care about religion, but they want Evangelicals to vote on single issues.

Powerful corporate and political interests want Evangelicals to hate gays, abortion, women's rights and other religions so they can be manipulated. All the powerful elite have to do is convince Evangelical voters that a party or a person or an issue is related to baby killing, gays, femi-nazis, Muslims and guns. So, anti-abortion single issue voters will vote against their own best interests, the environment, health care, desperately needed programs - or any other issue if they can be made to think they are voting "pro-life."

They don't care about conservatism. I am more conservatism than the Koch brothers. They are opportunists.

It is all about money & power. So, let's come together. It is not about political party - although that is the avenue of separating us. Divide and conquer.

Powerful corporate interests are keeping our eyes on baby killing and gays and femi-nazis and teacher hating with one hand and picking our pockets with the other.

I love us all, each and every one. I do not want to live in a fascist state.


"Inequality is real, it's personal, it's expensive and it was created. Today, 1% of Americans are taking home nearly 20% of the country's total income and own nearly 35% of the country's wealth. This didn't happen by accident. As former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains, we allowed it to happen."

Dear Teachers: I Want You to Get $100,000/year!

Dear Teachers, Yes, you do deserve good salary and compensation packages!


Starting salaries for teachers in Wisconsin are now 49th in the country. Republicans would like us to rank 50th. What a goal!

Without unions and/or tenure, if the superintendent’s niece wants you job, she gets it  and you get a transfer or a pink slip. Sorry, Mr. or Ms. Superintendent. It had to be said.


1. All teachers have bachelor's degrees and over 50% of Wisconsin teachers have master's degrees. They should make more money because they are better educated.

Fewer than 25% of Wisconsin residents have college degrees and even fewer have master’s degrees, yet critics of teachers’ salaries constantly compare the salaries of this highly educated population with the general population of Wisconsin.

They are not overpaid when their education and years of experience are taken into consideration.

Those with master's degrees make less than in the private sector but their benefits compensate for the lower salary.

2. Starting salaries in Wisconsin are 49th in the country and should be raised to make Wisconsin competitive with Illinois—or Wisconsin school teachers will flee to IL.

3. A four year college degree costs about $80,000 at a state school in Wisconsin and $200,000 at a private university. Scholarships & even loans are very difficult to come by. Opportunity costs raise that another $40-80,000—teachers give up an annual income of at least $10-20,000/year to attend college.

So, teachers with only a B.A have invested a minimum of $120,000 in their education and as much as $280,000 – 300,000 just getting the basic requirement to teach—a B.A. degree.

In order to recover just the cost of the education alone, a teacher would need to make over $8,000-20,000 more over the entire course of their careers than they would if working in another field!

Teachers cannot even recover the costs of their education—the pay is too low.

4. Failing to compensate teachers competitively will result in a "brain drain"—the most competitive & qualified teachers will begin leaving the field or not enter it or leave Wisconsin to teach in other states that are "friendlier" to teachers. Web-sites rate states according to the pay scale, benefits, scheduled raises, etc.

5. Public education is the final common denominator in our culture. If we despise our schools and our teachers, we despise ourselves. Our schools reflect our culture and are the one experience most of us share.

Most children will attend public schools. Relatively few will attend private or home schools.

Public schools are required to accept all students: those with devoted parents and those with negligent or abusive parents; those who are well-behaved and those with behavior problems; those with mental & physical illness; those with learning disabilities and those who are gifted and talented, etc. Public education is not comparable to private education.

Teachers do not create our social problems and do not have the power to solve our social problems. They have to play every hand that is dealt them year in and year out. They deserve generous compensation for this.

6. Teachers work independently, using their own judgment, without close supervision. This is in no way comparable to factory work, office work, or clerking in a store and they deserve compensation for this.

7. Children are, quite literally, the single greatest resource of any person, family, or country.

If our educational system has problems, we must solve them. But, those problems will not be solved by competing with McDonald's for employees.

The people who are responsible for our next generation of physicists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and mechanics deserve our utmost respect and compensation. If you do not value the people providing the education of your OWN children, shame on you!

Your corporations, your research labs, your armies, your hospitals are worthless without well educated population to work in them.

Compete in a global economy? You want to pay the people that teach our children peanuts and yet have the gall to talk about a global economy?

I submit that Republicans have no money sense at all--and haven't had for years. They are "penny wise and pound foolish." Oh, look it up, for Gawd's sake!

8. Teachers are "on" all the time they are not on a designated break. They cannot chat on their cells, take long potty breaks, or snack when no one is looking.

9. They have to be in the room with OTHER PEOPLE'S SPOILED BRATS all day long. Pay them a lot, I say!

10. Teachers grade papers, make bulletin boards, read, attend seminars, etc—all on their own time.

11. EVERYONE should have a family supporting wage, health care, and a retirement plan.

If you are envious of teachers’ compensation packages and union benefits, go to college—it’s never too late! Get a job requiring a college degree or a union job. But, don’t try to cut teachers down to your size.

12. We love and revere Thomas Jefferson don't we? An educated public is necessary to a democracy. There is no more important job in a democracy than that of a teacher. We cannot claim to value education and then refuse to pay for it.

13. Did YOU teach YOUR own children to read or teach them math skills? Why not? Enough said.

14. Education as an industry is a powerful economic engine. Every dollar taken out of the salary budget for education is a dollar taken out of the local community’s economy. If you want teachers eating at your restaurant, buying cars at your dealership, shopping at your store, pay them.

15. Fringe benefits are not “free.” They are part of the compensation package that teachers receive. Is there something about “compensation package” that you don’t understand? Grinches, learn to use "Google" for goodness sake!

Articles criticizing teachers’ salaries frequently refer to them as free: “Teachers receive free health care,” etc. These benefits are part of a total compensation package. If an employer can purchase an insurance plan for $10,000 that would cost me $20,000—or which I could not buy at all on the non-existent “open market” for insurance—then I am better off taking the insurance in lieu of a higher salary.

16. Articles criticizing teachers salaries usually compare teachers with master’s degrees and years of experience (and include their total compensation package) to the “average worker” who does not have a bachelor’s nor the same years of experience. Comparing apples to apples, teachers are slightly underpaid.

17. Teachers buy supplies with their own money. Some of my elementary school teachers bought Christmas presents for every poor child in class every year.

18. Parents are required by law to send their children to school or to register as a home school. We cannot require our schools by law to provide a service and then under-fund them and the people who provide that service.

19. Did you educate your own children? If you think you can do a better job, do it. Go ahead. Walk the walk. And, while you are at it, please teach a Sunday School class and be a Big Brother or Big Sister. Were you at the PTO meetings? I didn’t see you. Teachers carry a heavy responsibility for your children's future.

20. Teachers change children’s lives. Teaching can be a spiritual calling. Teachers hold the hearts of our children in their hands. They are responsible for the emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being of our children. They can change the future. They should make at least as much as our politicians.

My dear know-it-all Grinches, if you hate public education so much, withdraw your children today! Today, I say! How can you possibly keep up your military and police state with such a woefully uneducated population! It is frightening!

What if your children cannot read the directions on their new handgun box because their teacher, who cannot make it in the REAL WORLD, didn't teach them well! Get them out of our horrible public schools and teach them yourselves!

Another possibility is that we cherish public education more! Join the PTO! Raise teachers' salaries! Send your children to school every day! Do their homework with them! Don't let your children be bullies--or be bullied! Make them respect their teachers! Teacher your children to read BEFORE they go to school! GASP! GARGLE! Why, we could all teach our children etiquette! OK, now I'm getting carried away...Breathe, Vivian, breathe...

I love you. I really, really do. But, if you want an educated population... well... you have to educate your population. And, nothing in life is free.

Your friend,


In memory: Wilma Detherage Creekmore. My mother taught school and was a librarian for 30 years in rural Eastern Kentucky. We thought she was a rocket scientist—and so did everyone else.

As a child, I could not have imagined a day when people despised teachers. People treated us like we were the children of “Brad & Angelina!” 

She began teaching at 18 years of age (after WWII with an emergency teacher certificate and 2 years of college) in one and two room schools up “hollers” where the school district had contracts with neighbors to board her when it snowed.

She taught in schools that had coal stoves. She taught in schools that had 16 year old six feet tall delinquents in 8th grade. She was never afraid. They, and we, were afraid of her! She graded papers at night, bought her own supplies, and took clothes to her students. She finished a bachelor’s and a master’s degree after having 2 children. She was the role model of an independent career woman. 

My mother fought to unionize the schools because the wages were among the lowest in the country and because if the superintendent's niece wanted her job, she got it and Mother got a transfer—but lost that battle. She fought for sex education in the schools—and won that battle. She always fought for increased funding.