Friday, February 24, 2017

Dear GOP Lovers

Are you a "die hard" Republican - not to be confused with "conservative?" 

Do you believe everything Republicans, Fox News, Breitbart, etc tell you?

Shame on you! Get out and blow the stink off! Get out of your comfort zone.

The GOP and their allies in conservative media (Fox News, Breitbart, etc.) have been working over 30 years on the propaganda coup of a lifetime.


·        Created single issue voters: They made abortion the one and only voting issue for a significant minority of Americans.

·        Created “right to life” anti-abortion activists who have no opposition to GOP policies that cost the lives of thousands of adults and children here and abroad:
o       Military actions/war;
o       Refusal to support universal health care;
o       Opposition to basic social safety network programs (food stamps, housing assistance, etc.);
o       Opposition to environmental protections (creating unsafe drinking water, etc);
o       Support of death penalty; etc.

·        Succeeded in making millions of Americans believe that the most respected, accomplished, independent media cannot be trusted on anything anywhere anytime – the “lame stream media.” The only media that can be trusted is ideological right wing media.
·        Attacked free speech. The current president who is convincing people that independent journalism is “fake news” and that journalists are “the enemy of the people.”
·        Lied repeatedly about violence, destruction of property, etc at well documented peaceful protests.
·        Used derogatory language to create false beliefs about political opponents:
·        Environmentalists have become “tree huggers.”
·        Community minded people who believe in “the commons” are labeled “socialists.”
·        Created a hatred of our very means of organizing our community lives: our government!
·        Created a belief that private for profit corporations – whose CEO, executives, managers make millions and millions of dollars –  are more trustworthy than our people-owned and operated government.
·        Persuaded Americans to hate the poor – while claiming to be Christian!  The basic inequities and inequalities of life are ignored and poor people are blamed for their state.
·        Convinced the American public that this country is and should be a theocracy and that non-Christians are at fault for social ills!
·        Made immigrants the enemy. Yes, the children and grandchildren of immigrants now believe that immigrants are the enemy.

The list could go on and on and on…Where do we go from here? We live in a bifurcated political world. 

With great love and much sadness but always S.W.A.K.