Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dear Anti-Choice Men: Part I

Dear Anti-Choice Men:

How can I say this in the most loving way possible? Hmmm...

Shut the f@#$ up!!!

Completely & with my whole heart I can understand people who simply believe that abortion is wrong. I can.

What I cannot stomach are the ignorant and sexist comments that men make about women and abortion.

I visit pro-choice site after site after site and who do I see? Anti-choice women? NO! Anti-choice men! 

Gentlemen, and I mean that facetiously, get another hobby.

May I suggest masturbation?

In the kindest way possible, I am telling you that abortion is none of your business. Because it isn't your body.

BTW, have you just been planting your seed everywhere and you think that every pregnancy in the world is your business?

Why in the name of God are YOU suggesting that women exercising self-control? Where is/was YOUR self-control? It takes two to create a zygote, Mister. 

What about abstinence for YOU? All of you. There would be no unplanned pregnancy without you, men.

What about postponing sex until commitment? Have YOU men done that every single time you have had sex?

Did you postpone sex until you took your wife/girlfriend to a clinic to choose together the very best birth control for her health and lifestyle -- and did you pay?

And, were YOU using a condom each and every time for her safety and yours?

How many birth control options can you name off the top of your head and do you know the relative effectiveness rates and the dangers?

If you have sex with women you don't know and they tell you they are using oral contraceptives, do you check to verify?
Do you verify is a partner says she is using an IUD?

If you have sex with women you don't know and they tell you they are using oral contraceptives, do you check to verify?
Do you verify if a partner says she is using an IUD?

That's a trick question! Don't have sex with women you can't trust!

Did you wait to become sexually active until you could afford to pay for prenatal medical care for a pregnant woman, hospital delivery if needed, pediatric care for a baby, medical follow-up for the mother and on-going child care for your off-spring? 

Yeah, well I know you and you didn't.

Why not, slacker!?!

Because a pregnant woman who doesn't have an abortion has no choice. She cannot run and she cannot hide.

I love you, but you are living in a La-la Land of your own devising where some imaginary sluts that you have never met get pregnant because they are irresponsible.

They are your wives, mothers, sisters, aunts. They got pregnant by the likes of you and your best friends. They had abortions because they had no money, no support, no food, no car, no apartment, no partner and being pregnant would have ruined their lives. They would rather be dead.

Convenience? You think women have abortions for convenience? You obviously have no imagination - and imagination is empathy. You don't care, dudes. You just don't care.

Come down from your high and mighty perch. I know just who you are. 

Much, much love!


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