Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dear Liberals, Progressives, Democrats: Join the 21st Century!

My dear liberals...  Oh, how I love you! But... Well... Something is wrong!

Liberals, progressives, and Democratic Party organizations – formal and informal - need to get organized to meet the demands and challenges of these times using 21st century means.

Many of us are using tactics that are outdated and ultimately destined to continued failure.

Political organizations must use social media.

Every political party unit should have an updated easy to navigate web-page, a Twitter account, a Facebook Group, and a Facebook Page.

Then, get to work connecting with other groups, sharing your info and events, and promoting your message!

What about live-streaming a meeting, a speaker, a portion of a meeting, an event…? Using Twitter during a meeting? Taking pix and sharing them on FB & Twitter?

Social media is a very powerful tool that cannot be ignored. It may not be the answer to everything but it has to be a part of the plan.

A look around social networks reveals that many groups, including local Democratic political parties, are not using social media effectively, if at all.

The boards of directors or the executive committees of some groups purposely refuse to support the use of social media: to allocate resources (money and time), to learn to use social media as individuals, to hire consultants to train board members and members, etc.

Why? They believe that it is a waste of time.

County Democratic Parties and other progressive groups often don’t have Twitter accounts or don’t use them and may rarely even post on their own FB pages and groups.

Board or committee members of liberal organizations often do not “Like” or “Share” the posts on their own pages/groups to increase their own Facebook visibility.

Chairs or other leaders of liberal groups refuse to share their events on other FB pages or on Twitter.

This means that other people and organizations using social media have to check numerous other groups and pages to collect info that should be shared by the groups themselves. Whew!

It's 2017! Get crackin'!



Friday, June 9, 2017

Dear Anti-Abortion Rights Friends

Ah, friends

There will never come a time when we all have the exact same values and beliefs. But, I hope that we can always have the same facts - from a diversity of sources and with citations, of course!

Even if you believe that blastocysts have souls or you don't believe that people have souls, can we all agree with science has to say?

Many abortion restrictions are not based on sound science. (Guttmacher Institute)

Scientists have found no link between abortion and cancer. (American Cancer Society)

A large study by the New England Journal of Medicine found no link between abortion and later pregnancy complications including miscarriage. (VeryWell)

The American Psychological Association found no evidence that the termination of a single pregnancy caused psychological problems. (APA)

95% of women do not regret their decision to terminate a pregnancy. (Time)

It is a myth that infants capable of independent life are “ripped from the uterus.” All states have term limits on abortion. (The Atlantic)

The fetus does not suffer during abortion: They do not feel pain until about the 27th week of pregnancy.

“Indeed, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) said it considers the case to be closed as to whether a fetus can feel pain at that stage (20 weeks) in development.”

“The science shows that based on gestational age, the fetus is not capable of feeling pain until the third trimester," said Kate Connors, a spokesperson for ACOG. The third trimester begins at about 27 weeks of pregnancy.” (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.)

Many religious and ethical groups support or allow abortion. (Christian Life Resources)

The vast majority of abortions in the US take place in the first trimester – 90%.  (Guttmacher Institute)

A Southern Christian doctor came to believe that he had a duty to perform abortions because he saw the suffering of pregnant women and girls as young as 12. (Newsweek)

Most people do not appreciate the desperation that women and girls seeking abortion are experiencing and that has lead them to risk (and lose) their lives. (Newsweek)

Abortion is not a new issue: “Abortion has been performed for thousands of years, and in every society that has been studied. It was legal in the United States from the time the earliest settlers arrived. At the time the Constitution was adopted, abortions before “quickening” were openly advertised and commonly performed.” 
(National Abortion Federation)

The cost of unintentional pregnancy and childbirth is enormous: about 12 billion dollars annually for medical care for mothers and infants. (Brookings Inst.)

Among women and girls who are least prepared financially, socially, emotionally… the unintended pregnancy rate exceeds 60 percent. (Brookings Inst.)

Anti-abortion laws prioritize the life of a fetus over that of a fully sentient human woman. (Center for Reproductive Rights)

This is what happens when the rights of a fetus are more important than that of a fully sentient adult woman: A young beautiful Hindu woman died tragically when denied an abortion of a pregnancy (that was in miscarriage) that had become septic. (The Guardian)

“Birth control is not controversial: 99 percent of sexually active women use it at some point in their lives.”  (Guttmaker Institute)

“Making birth control accessible and affordable is the quickest way to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies.” (Naral)

 Peace, Vivian

Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Dear Soul Mates

Liberals. Progressives. Democrats - from the far left to more conservative than most Republicans: 

Once again: There is not a day that goes by that I do not read posts from you using derogatory language that stereotypes poor and working class people.

People who would never utter a derogatory racist term or make a homophobic comment feel completely free to make negative assumptions about huge groups of diverse people and huge regions of the country.

And, they feel completely entitled to deride the poor and the working class without knowing one damn thing about the people that they are trash talking.

In the last 2 days, it was comments about the "ignorant toothless hillbillies that elected Trump," and the "redneck racists" that were at a rally. These are not useful descriptive terms. These are classist terms. Classist.

One comment was on how terrible the "redneck racists" at a rally looked and dressed. Fashion reviews from a rally?

Dearest Liberal Friends: THEY CAN SEE YOU! THEY CAN HEAR YOU! Yes. Poor people. Working class people. Toothless people. Hillbillies. They do have computers. And, smart phones. And, TV. Cable! Who knew?

Do you really think that you have 2,000 friends and not one of them is from a poor or working class background?

When I chastised the commenter for stereotyping, she kindly let me know that "most rednecks are racists." Another stereotype. I will let the admissions committee at the Country Club know that they have competition.

Remember the lessons on how stereotyping is just lazy thinking? It applies to your thinking about poor and working class people, too. Who knew?!?

Oh, and those huge blocks of the country that liberals love to hate (Texas, "The South," Appalachia, etc. etc. etc? They are not a monolithic group. Stereotyping, again.

Here are some convos that I have had: Stereotyper: Wow, there are some hilbillies there.
Vivian: I am a hillbilly.
S: No, you're not.
V: Yes, I am.
S: You are not like "them."
Now, substitute the word "Jew" or the word "African American."

Shocking though it may be:
My father in rural Eastern KY had cable 25 years ago. I live 3 miles from the Janesville city limits and have none.

My mother was a school teacher and my red neck father was a union construction worker that sent 3 girls to college.

They were "yeller dog Democrats" who told me that they wouldn't sent me to college unless I registered to vote as a Democrat.

My mother worked to organize a union.

My little town had doctors and lawyers and teachers and writers and police officers and builders and ... poor people.

Oh, having no teeth is not a fashion statement. People have no teeth because a dental implant can cost $2,000 but it just costs a few bucks to have your teeth pulled.

So... how's the "winning hearts and minds" thing going?

I will never believe that you are pure of racism and homphobia as long as you despise poor people.

Why some of my best friends are poor redneck toothless hillbillies.

We need more love in the world, less judgment and no name calling or stereotyping.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dear Friends on the Crazy Left - Yes! You!

Dear Crazy Left:

You are my tribe. My people. The place where I feel most comfy. My soul mates!

But, you are costing me my sanity - any shred of sanity that I had left.

I remember the Vietnam War. The Civil Rights Movement. Sh!t! I remember George Wallace! Gulf 1. Iraq - oops, wrong country. Who knew? AF. 

But, you know what is killing my soul. YOU, my dear soul mates. YOU!

Stop fighting! Stop SHOUTING! at both friend and enemy. Stop with the fake news and Republican talking points! Stop name calling! Were you raised by wolves? No. That's an insult to wolves. 


"Come together right now." Or, else.

Love, love, love is all there is,


Friday, April 7, 2017

Dear Trump Voters

Happy now? 

We certainly got something new and different.

For those who voted for Trump because:  
We have do to something different; (We didn’t.)    
We need someone who isn’t a political elite; (We got a financial elite.)    
We need someone with business acumen. (We got the bankruptcy king.)    

Here is a comparison: 
Let’s hire the CEO of Frito-Lay to be principle of our high school!
Let him choose people for the department heads:
English Dept:  CEO of bank!
Math Dept: CEO of restaurant chain!
Social Studies Dept: CEO of landscaping/nursery business!
Art Dept: Hmmmm… CEO of local hospital!

Wow! Look at all that business savvy we now have!

But... Oh, dear... They are in charge of something that they know nothing about. 

Isn't that refreshing? New perspectives! A business approach!

Now, let them start firing people and eliminating budgets! Let’s improve the English department by firing half the teachers! Yeah!

Let’s improve the math department by… firing 30% of the teachers and cutting the budget!

Art? We don't need no art! Eliminate the art department.

Etc. Ad nauseum.

But, let’s double the security force! And, double the security budget! Hire a private security firm! 

Put up a wall around our schools! Have ICE officials at the doors! 

Who knew that health care is complicated? Every single thinking person in the USA. And, every single person who doesn't or hasn't had health care.

Who knew that there is a history of effort and diplomacy with North Korea?  Career State Department Officials. And, any informed American. And, everyone over the age of 50.

Who knows all about the Middle East? What has succeeded and what has failed? Not me. Not Trump. Not the new Secretary of State.

Well, I am going to apply for a job teaching physics and nano-technology at MIT! Hope I get the job!

Love, love, love is all there is,


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dear Hypocrites

Don't worry! Some of my best friends are hypocrites. Is it the human condition or a passing fad?

The word of the day: HYPOCRITE
a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

Republicans, remember how enraged you were when President Obama issued an executive order? Hypocrisy much?

Oh, remember what a slacker President Obama was – He played golf sometimes. I’m listening for the outrage about #45’s weekend trips to Mar-a-lago.

You didn’t like Mrs. Obama revealing her arms? But, Mrs. T can reveal it all? Oh! She’s a Republican?!? Maybe. Maybe not.

Lordy, remember the fake stories about how much money President Obama’s trips cost? Where are the (real) stories about how much money #45 and his spawn are spending on travel?

You judged President Obama not a Christian but President T can talk openly about grabbing women by the pu$$y and that is OK? Because he began to claim to be a Christian in order to run for president? Because it is OK for Christian men to grab women by the pu$$y? Because he is a Republican? All of the above?

Remember way way way back when Republicans were all outraged by the TV show “Murphy Brown” and living in terror that teen girls were going to follow in her footsteps – by which they meant get pregnant. 

I was hoping that teens would follow in her footsteps and became the best and most daring investigative reporters in the US

I digress. Why aren’t you worried that your teen sons are going to follow in Mr. T’s footsteps and just start kissing every beautiful woman they see and grabbing them by the pu$$y? Hypocrisy much?

Honestly, I have a vision of masses of hypocrites wearing the letter "H" on their clothing. It would be so much fun!

Well, someone has to love hypocrites but it doesn't have to be me! You can all love each other!


Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Party Poopers, sit down and listen up.

With nothing but loving kindness in my heart, I say to you, “Get over it already!” Buck up! Quit yer whining! And, for Gawd’s sake, grow up!

While you are at it, quit with the fake news sites already!

You don’t like how the Democratic Party operates? Oh, boo hoo! Those lazy-assed volunteers don’t get around to everything you think that they should do? Bummer. The entire 20 paid staff members for the entire state of Wisco don’t do enough? Lazy slobs.

Why don’t you do it? Yes, you! For free. In your spare time. While you hold down a full-time job, raise a family, and keep your car in running condition.

Wait… You don’t belong ? What!?! You have never belonged!?! Uhhh? You never paid fees. You never donated. You never volunteered.

And, they don’t listen to you? Imagine that. I assume that you have called, written letters, and sent emails outlining your vastly superior ideas. I know that I have – many, many, many times.

You don’t like fund-raisers? You didn’t get an invite? You can’t afford it? They are just for the elite of the Democratic Party?

Why, yes, they are. That is why they are called “FUND raisers.” They are not free. They are not charity. It does take money to run for office, to run the party, to elect Democrats.

Did the country club to invite you to their next shin-dig? No, they didn’t because you don’t belong. I cannot afford the country club. I hate the concept of country clubs. But, I am not asking them to invite me and then getting angry because they didn’t.

Have your own party. Make it a pot-luck. Have a keg. Invite anyone you please.

Oh, wait! You didn’t even know about the event?  Yes, people used to ask me all they time why they didn’t know about events. The answer: Read a newspaper. Check the Facebook page every day. Check the web-page. Join and get on the mailing list.

To the best of my very limited knowledge, The Democratic Party and the DNC is a private club. It operates for the sole purpose of electing Democrats and perhaps even sometimes supporting the Democratic Party Platform.

It is not a democracy. The majority does not rule. It isn’t even a constitutional republic.

The purpose is to elect Democrats to the top of the ticket. Whatever other programs exist, I haven’t seen in operation.

As in all such organizations, people seek power, influence, and money even when there is very little to be had – or, none at all. People fight like cats and dogs for county Dem Party offices that pay nothing but a generous headache.

It is a bureaucracy. Doing anything at all requires navigating 5,000 levels of hierarchy. The “We have never done it that way before” crowd wins most decisions.

I am sure that there are county parties that engage in a lot of activism – but, I haven’t seen it.

It isn’t fair and doesn’t claim to be.  I am from a small county and I wouldn’t get to go to a convention if I donated a million dollars. So, if you are new to politics, get used to it.

Or, do what I am doing. Start your own f’ing group of awesome activists! No elections. No bureaucracy.  

Do I love the Dem Party? No. I f’ing hate it. But, I will be voting Democratic till the day I die.