Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Gov & Lt. Gov - About Those Unions

Dear Governor and Lt. Governor:

I was remembering my childhood today - and, thinking about your goals to disempower unions.

You both have very limited experience of life. Let me share mine:

Unions are necessary for survival. Do I believe in unions? You bet.

Do I believe in the 40 hour work week, paid over-time, lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, no child labor, safety regulations, NO LOCKED EXIT DOORS IN FACTORIES, living wages, employer based medical insurance...

I grew up in Appalachia. And, that is where Wisconsin is headed. Not on purpose, but because you lack life experience and you believe that your pursuit of the corporate agenda is harmless.

The corporate agenda reached Appalachia 150 years ago.

But, I will paint a picture: My father working outside at hard physical labor in broiling Southern sun and humidity traveling where ever he had to for union wages and with medical care - and able to send his girls to college. 

Half mile away non-union coal miners, emaciated, working underground in dangerous mines, getting Black Lung Disease, working every hour they could AND THEIR CHILDREN, MY CLASS MATES, GOING HUNGRY! I could write a book. 

Guv, do you see a lot of children going hungry - day after day after day? Or experience hunger day after day after day? Or hopelessness... Forever.

People in KY died to unionize. I believe in unions. Watch "Harlan County USA." My father's birthplace.

Now, I am in Wisconsin watching it turn into Appalachia. I am sick about it. It is not about conservative politics. It is about corporatism. I don't think either of you are brilliant thinkers, but I am pretty sure you know that. 

May God have mercy on your souls.

Love and best wishes, Vivian

P.S. I sent this love letter today and I invite you to do so also. You may simply state, "I agree with the writer" if you don't want to write your own letter.

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