Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Mike Huckabee: I Am Not Going to Revere You!

Mr. Huckabee: 

Well, I am certainly not going to call you Reverend, am I?

I heard you on television some time ago talking about President Obama's Kenyan influences and his lack of understanding of "America." You were using your grave and serious "man of God teacherish" voice.

Knowing that you are an educated and informed man, I inferred that you were lying. Because you call yourself a Christian and are an ordained minister, I was repulsed. Lying just repulses me in general. Hypocritical Christians... set my teeth on edge.

Of course, you could be deceiving yourself for... power, money, fame, glory, sex appeal... gagging a little... But, I have looked at your Facebook pages. 

I did think you were lying, but you have thousands of seriously ignorant, bat-poopy crazy, and junkyard dog mean women who are ready to do the horizontal tango with you.

Then, recently, I saw one sentence of you being interviewed by John Stewart. You believe that the Republican Party can attract African Americans? You must be psychotic! [Did I dream this?]

Mr. Huckabee, people of color would have to be insane to vote for a party which publicly embraces the blatantly racist, terribly ignorant and emotionally sick "birther" movement! 

 Why would people of color vote for a party that shows so little respect for them and our first African American president? They won't. 

Women would also have to be insane to vote for a party that so obviously has no respect for them, their health and well-being, their economic issues and is brutally callous in addressing them in the public arena. They don't want to get legitimately or illegitimately "raped" by a political party.

Likewise, do not look for support from the scientific community or anyone who needs a real scientific education so the US can do things like... oh... be competitive in the international market place. We cannot be the scientific and technological leaders of the world based on evolution.

Because, as it turns out, we are the only country, except Iran, where religious leaders such as you control education. 

Well, I could just go on and on. Did I mention union members?


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear Perpetrators of Violence--Stop it!

Dear Perpetrators:

I am trying to love perpetrators... because if anyone in the world needs love and assistance in changing, it is perpetrators of violence against women and children.

So, I was reading articles about violence against women and children. Not good to do just before bedtime.

The incredibly high incidence of sexual violence against women and children, including stranger rape, incest, child molestation, and the molestation of women unable to give consent (by age, mental illness, intellectual inability, alcohol or drug consumption) means that many, many men are committing violence against women and children.  

Yes, YOU. Husbands. Fathers. Grandfathers. The boyfriends of mothers of young children. Sons. Brothers. Uncles. YOU are committing violence of all kinds against women and children. 

And, we still live in a dark and dirty world where vast numbers of Neanderthals, that includes women, blame victims. Yes, we live in an ugly, ugly world.

And, you enjoy incredible protection from the political system. The judicial system. The law enforcement system. Your families. Your hunting & fishing & bowling & golf & business &... buddies.  From all the simple-minded folks who only believe what they see: "Well, all I know is that he is a good neighbor. The salt of the earth..."

I read an article about the need to engage you, men, in addressing violence against women. Well... that would be... like... very cool. If men were engaged in addressing violence against women, wouldn't about 90% of violence disappear? Because, men are the perpetrators! Duh!

It occurred to me that you, men, not being concerned and on-board about decreasing violence is like saying that prisoners are not serious about decreasing crime! Really?

And, then you are not afraid. So, you aren't really motivated. Men, you are much less likely to be victims. You aren't worried in parking lots. And very few of you have been assaulted. You don't worry about waking up in the night with a stranger standing over the bed. With a weapon. 

In fact, there is research showing that women are more likely than men to identify domestic violence as an "extremely important" issue..." And, did someone need to research this? So the researcher calls the home of an abuser, "Sir, on a scale of 1 - 10, how concerned are you about domestic abuse as a social issue?"

I think we need to all admit that when every form of violence against women and children is added up, and when we really truly realize that most perpetrators are men, we come to the shocking conclusions:

We have an overwhelming number of violent men all around us and a shocking lack of respect for women. 

Perpetrators of violence are all around us.  And, women also aid and abet you by failing to respect themselves and other women and children. They blame victims and hide your crimes.  Mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, grandmothers fail to support victims and hold men accountable.

During this election, when I heard politicians talk about abortion, I looked around the room. I knew that a good percentage of women in the room were victims of sexual & other violence including: rape, incest, and other molestation victims. Whether the incidence is 10 or 30% -- that is a lot of horrifying suffering.

And, that means that there were perpetrators in that room. Whether 5 or 30% of the men in the room were perpetrators -- that is the truth we don't want to deal with.

We always talk about victims because we don't want to talk about perpetrators. 

Some man (or more than one) that I know has committed an act of violence against a woman or child. I don't know who this is, but the statistics indicate this to be true. Just as someone you know has been a victim of violence -- whether you know it or not.

In fact, some folks have concluded that messages about what a bad idea violence is should be directed to men! Who knew!?! And, why? Because, you men have room to change! Well, what can I say? Of course, you need to change!

Yes, I agree with researchers! I love research, as always. 

Men! Listen up! YOU need to be actively engaged in ending violence against... anyone & everyone! Especially women, children, and all other living creatures!

End violence now. Talk to your sons, brother, fathers & grandfathers, uncles and buddies-- so you won't have to talk to your daughters. 

Don't be silly and think that just because the guy you play golf with doesn't beat you means he isn't beating his wife. If she says so, believe her and support her.

Your friend,


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dear Republicans: After the Election

Dear Republican:  After the Election

[Satire warning!]

Ahhhhhh... I get up every morning and everything I do, every fact I encounter, every bit of independent research I read is...BIASED if is not in agreement with Republican values & beliefs. If the research was conducted by an independent company and comes to a non-R conclusion, it & I am biased.

Every day, for the rest of my life, in the view of my Republican friends and family, I am a deluded, biased moron. So, today, I got up and began my life, as I do every day, as a deluded biased moron.

Yes, as you can imagine, I have been fortifying myself with more & more Kool-Aid for the past year--I didn't drink enough during previous years nor as a child. Because, as we all know, there are only a few reasons that anyone in the USA could vote for Democrats and one major reason is that they "drank the Kool-Aid." So, I have restocked my Kool-Aid shelves.

My poor parents -- and, myself! -- think of all the money we wasted on education, science classes, research courses, reading the newspaper, learning to think reasonably and rationally. All wasted.

Republicans claim that it is impossible for anyone but Republicans to be thinking, logical, reasonable voters. Why, I hear that all the time on Republican FB pages, radio, Fox News,  and web-sites, so it must be true! However, since Republicans do not believe in science, math, or reading any independent journalism... If only my parents had known I was going to be a deluded moron, anyway! Oh, wait, they were deluded moronic Democrats, too.
So, I have restocked my Kool-Aid shelves. I begin my life as a slavering idiot--as is 51% of the population -- according to Republicans.

And, yes, it is my goal to foster the "gimme gimme" culture! Why would I have any other goal?  After all, my entire family worked like dogs, lived on next to nothing, never considered themselves poor, were painfully honest and so charitable, it makes me cry to remember. I lived in 500 sq. ft. -- why wouldn't I want to foster a gimme gimme culture! It is my total goal in life to foster dependence.

And, destroy America. Yes, I want to destroy America, destroy marriage (honestly, my husband & I have done more toward that end... another story...), destroy Christianity, destroy the Capitol... I am a one woman wrecking crew. God, I am powerful... OK, forward!

After all, the only people in the world who are true pioneers, who accomplished everything all alone, who are masters of achievement and accomplishment are Republicans. They are out there raising Victory gardens, hunting squirrels... loaning money to their children, borrowing from their parents... In fact, I heard that they are the only ones who survived the Great Depression, fought in WWI, WWII or Vietnam, pay taxes, and have gas or poop.

But, I will continue to vote for hand outs for those sorry slackers--the 5-10% of the population who are severely & chronically mentally ill & who Republicans seem to think should have been working and earning a living--as CEO's perhaps!

I will vote for the 10% of the population with IQ in the Borderline & Below Normal Range! Why haven't those bums become CEO's of Bane Capital ... thinking...  Let Republican successful business men get them high paying skilled jobs on the boards of directors of Bane Capital or as... airplane traffic controllers!

Oh, yeah... I have been out there voting for those sorry lay-abouts who are paralyzed from the neck down, have severe and unstable diabetes and other problems like that -- to receive disability payments.

I will vote for our great public institutions because I damn well do not want to pave my own street or educate my child through high school.

Hmmm... yes, I vote for those who have no bootstraps, no boots, and sometimes no feet. No car, no presentable clothing, no food, no running water, no car to borrow, no money for gas, no health care, no dental care... because I know them personally. But, my R friends, who have never met anyone poorer than a laid off teacher, do not believe this level of poverty exist, so they believe I am demented.

I have been voting for retirement. People used to drop dead at the job. Perhaps Republicans would like to be role models and go first?

Oh, I just love you so much! It is my prayer that you will learn some modesty. That you will be grateful for all that you were born with and given. That you will have the life-altering experience of watching a few children go hungry -- day after day after day. That you will spend some time some where that there is no industry, no jobs, a rotten educational system, no decent health care.

And, for Jesus sake learn some logic and learn something about research or STFU! Jesus! You are getting on my nerves!

Love love love


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dear Republican Voters: May You Get What You Vote For

Dear Voters:

Experience is the best teacher: I learned that as a parent. There were so many lessons that I wanted to tell my child. I did not want her to have to learn some of life's most bitter lessons by suffering.

And, then I learned:  Some lessons can only be learned by suffering. By pain. Often, the pain has to be excruciating or the lesson just won't be learned.

So, Voters, it is my hope that you will get what you vote. I am hoping that you receive KARMA! For Republicans, that means that I am hoping that you are going to suffer like an SOB!

I hope that didn't hurt your feelings! I didn't mean it in a negative way!

If YOU vote for LOW WAGE REPUBLICANS, may YOUR wages be low.

If YOU vote against SOCIAL SECURITY & MEDICARE may YOU never receive it.

If YOU vote against unions, may YOU lose YOUR 40 hr work week, YOUR lunch break, YOUR paid vacation. & all benefits that unions procured for you.

If YOU vote against reproductive health care, may YOU never receive prostate, bladder, or kidney cancer screenings or treatment;  May be have 10 children;  May you pay for every ounce of pregnancy and delivery care yourself;  May you support each child until the age of 25.
If YOU vote to legislate YOUR religious views, may YOU be required to follow MY religious views.

If YOU vote for or support a party or politicians that use terms such as "legitimate & illegitimate" rape, may you experience both and write a book about it.

If YOU support & vote for voter suppression & voting fraud, may your vote be disqualified.

If YOU support the corporatization of our democracy, may Bain Capital buy your employer, sell the company to China, ship your job overseas, require you to train your replacement and FIRE YOUR ASS.

And, if YOU vote for those who do not support Unemployment Insurance (because jobs grow on trees) and think the unemployed are slackers, may it take you 2 years to find a job.

If you vote for those...

I think you get the picture!  Please, please... get out of your box! Learn more about the world. I hate suffering. I don't want you to suffer--I really, really don't. I love you! I want you to find another way to learn!

These sound a lot like..., well honestly..., like... curses.  I don't intend them to be curses! I really, really don't!

These are meant to be blessings!  Because, I love you, I really, really do. And, I want you to learn & grow. I certainly do.

Your friend,


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear Teeny Weenies: It Is God's Blessing!

Dear Teeny Weenies,

I have been so worried about you! After all, you men never stop thinking about your junk from the moment your itty biity baby fingers find it! I am pretty sure you masturbate in the uterus.

Literacy alert!!! Literacy alert!!! I will be using adult medical terms as well as some very immature words because --- I just cannot help myself. I love funny words!

OK, time for tit for tat. Ahhhh, that has a ring to it. 

Ladies, I am bored with girl talk. Let's talk about boys! MALE REPRODUCTIVE CARE. First, let's just take urology out of the medical lexicon and put politicians in charge of it. I think that men parts and urology should be under the control of women: wives for married men and mothers for single men. And, Our decisions should be implemented by the government and by religion!

 I don't really think men need to see a urologist at all. Just have faith in the Lord. Whatever happens is God's will! That saved some money.

If you balls don't drop til you 45, well, your mother is a really good cook! You will love living at home. This isn't really a medical condition -- that's just nature telling you to slow down!

Except for the case of STD testing. All men who are sexually active or over the age of 14 will have mandatory STD testing every 6 months and the results will be sent to his mother and every girl in his school. YES, because those are the one most affected!

Then, since insurance doesn't pay for birth control and abortion will soon be illegal, all young men will be required to freeze sperm for the future and to have vasectomies. There had been an outbreak of pregnancies and the young people didn't recognize the cause.


OH, YES, if a man has an STD, he has a temporary tattoo on his forehead until he finishes treatment! Coooooool!

Should there be a failure of the vasectomy, THE MAN GETS THE BABY!!! TO KEEP! The mother gets the baby on weekends and holidays -- or any time she wishes. The father is required to do... basically every thing women do now only better!

All that peeny weeny stuff--no longer a medical discussion. You don't get enlargements, or facelifts, or splints, or pumps or pills. Dude, that's just mother nature! Urologist don't even go to school!

And, should you somehow endanger a woman, batter her, beat her, burn her, sexually assault her... well, you have to provide and care for her for the rest of her life! With out seeing or knowing where she is. You  break it, you won it: Rent, car, weekly massage.

Your insurance doesn't cover kidney exams, or bladder exams, or prostate exams, or Viagra. So, drink more juice and watch more video.

Now, should you have been a male born with an unfortunate Male Reproductive Health problem, you are out of luck, because insurance companies are just not going to cooperate--they listened to YOU!  

You said you didn't want to pay for treatment that you don't believe in! Well, neither did women! So, if you have an abnormally small penis, or if you have male external organs but female internal organs, or a mix of organs... the Republican Party has screwed you, dude. 

Then of course, Republican men also get raped. Violently. They get battered. Burned, Limbs broken. Knocked unconcious. Given date rape drugs. Raped by boys & men they know and some they don't. Raped by attractive men and repulsive older men with hairy backs and foul breath. They receive internal images -- sometimes leaving scars for life.  JUST LIKE GIRLS.

Now, what if, in addition to all that, after facing the shme that inevitably results -- because no one will ever see you the same again and some people will openly blame you. What if you had to go through a life changing, body changing, emotionally altering, bitter, event that would rip you out of school, out of work, out of your social & family life... and leave you with a living reminder of your rapist. In our current world, the rapist has access to the baby--women have to watch their rape-babies go off with their violent psychopatic fathers. BUT, in our new world, the men do not only have no rights, they have to pay support to the mother or the adoptive parents until the child is 18 -- through secret funds protecting the child and the mom.

Well, I won't even pretend that I am a woman of character. I would claw my eyes out. IF I couldn't have an abortion and remove every reminder of the rape from within my sight immediatly

All my love, Vivian

Dear Wade #2: Communicating with Republicans

Dear Wade:

I love you & love listening to Liz v. Wade on Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin. I am learning a lot about power dynamics in verbal communications.

Or... is it psychological warfare? Army v. Civilian? 

You are very, very good. But, sincerity and compassion win out every time. So, Liz has my vote!

So I was struck very forcefully when I listened to #7 of Liz v. Wade and  again #8  by "how" the 3 communicate--Liz, Wade, and the show host, Yuri Rashkin.

The "conversations" grabbed be by the throat, so to speak.

"What is going on here?" I asked myself. I found the interpersonal dynamics anything but straight forward.

Who talks the most? Who talks the loudest? Who has the power & dominates? How is control exercised? Why? Who assumes leadership? Is the host really moderating the show? Are the guests controlling the host? Are both parties talking as equals? Are all parties equally respectful & congenial? What is the mood?

Was this a conversation or psychological warfare? 

I am going to use Liz v. Wade #8 as an example of... "WHY NOT TO TALK TO REPUBLICANS." 

As if...!

Yuri (I love Yuri!) begins this segment by reading my letter, posted in the notes of #7, on the air.

Then, Yuri narrows the conversation by using the term "abortion."  Naughty!

Reproductive health care is about far more than sex, abortion, rape and contraception.

It is HEALTH CARE provided by real DOCTORS in HEALTH CARE FACILITIES frequently involving PRESCRIPTIONS and HEALTH CARE PROCEDURES--and needed at every age and stage of life.

But, reproductive health care keeps being narrowed to the subject of rape & abortion. And, why aren’t we discussing vasectomies and Viagra more?

Moving on... Wade responded to my letter by saying that I misrepresented his positions but does not say how. How, how. how?

Wade did not apologize for calling Liz an "experienced woman,"   interrupting her repeatedly, over-talking her, chastising her and talking down to her. Why, why, why?

Wade did not respond to my accusation that he is trying to legislate HIS religion or that he doesn’t have any right to any opinion at all about women's reproductive care. Why, oh, why?

How did he respond on the air?  He replied that he doesn't "pander to the crowd" and is there to share the time equally with Liz and address the issues. 

Well, Wade, are you under the impression that being polite is pandering? 

Then, you continued to interrupt her, talk down to her, over-talk her, and patronize her in #8! What?  

Etiquette lessons? You did know that I teach etiquette and communications skills didn't you? Now, you do!

Wade, address the merits of every issue and the merits only. With facts. IF you want the respect of listeners.

So, I am going to just analyze the first few minutes of the conversation in #8. 

Liz says that there is a "whole new breed" of Republicans who bear no resemblance to Eisenhower or Reagan. She mentions Murdoch (of the "conception from rape is God's will" fame) and Sharon Angle.

Yes, factually speaking, there is a whole new breed of Republican: the Tea Party. 

Lots of people consider them extremist -- including many Republicans. I read quit a bit about the difficulty this new breed of Republican are giving the mainstream Republican Party and their upstanding long-respected more conventional Republican candidates.

Wade, you could have addressed those issues.

Wade, you could have addressed the insensitive comments and the simply scientifically inaccurate, not to mention bizarre comments, about rape and rape victims from Republicans lately about women's issues.

I feel comfortable calling these comments by Republicans crazy and strange.

Dairy cattle (and race horses, show dogs, etc.) all have reproductive health care—and better health care in general than I do. Liz makes a very valid point! 

Respond to her points, Wade!

But, Wade, you attack Liz and her comments. 

You used a combination of 3 excellent tactics. 
1. Respond with a list – do not just address a specific issue.
2. Always make sure to be nit-picky – do not address an issue of major concern—such as why Republicans are making such insensitive comments about rape.
3. Go on the attack and use mostly nonsense--so that the opponent will be so gob-smacked they cannot think of a response.

IF you responded on the facts -- such as the remarks on rape made by Sharon Angle... Well, what would the defense be?

He accuses Liz of personal attacks. She made none. Nonsense attack.

You accuse Liz of generalities. She gave great examples. Nonsense attack.

You accuses her of name calling. She didn't. Why not respond to her and address the Tea Party.

You say that there are also extremist in the Democratic Party. No doubt, but that is NOT a rational argument in support of extremist Republicans.  Nonsense attack.

THEN, you accused Liz of being hypocritical!?!  Oh, please. Personal attacks are not acceptable responses.

You maintain that Liz is a hypocrite if she uses examples of 2 or 3 extremist Republicans making disgusting comments about rape UNLESS SHE GIVES EXAMPLES OF EXTREMIST DEMOCRATS.  Nonsense attack.

As examples of extremist Democrats, you gave a list of Democrats that range from disgraced sex nuts, to money scammers, to mere liberals, to gay men... 

First, not a logical response to the rash of rape comments coming out from Republicans and second, the Republicans also have disgraced sex nuts, money scammers, ultra-conservatives, and gay men & women.

By the way, the very typical way of controlling women in every stinkin' conversation is to call them out when they raise voice. 

Wade, you have a very effectively controlled, very soft voice.

But, Liz cannot get equally heard and she did not have come-backs for Wade's nonsense response list. SO, SHE BROKE THE RULES AND RAISED HER VOICE. 

Oh, sorry, I raised my voice.

At, that point, Yuri, began chastising her. "Liz, Liz, Liz," he says even though Wade is the one refusing to allow Liz to talk.

That is why I don't engage in political conversation.

BUT, here is the really odd thing. Every one of my Republican friends, whom I no longer discuss politics with, use all of these exact tactics!!!  I know that there are workshops where Republicans learn various tactics for... disrupting, attacking, sabotaging, etc Democratic campaigns. Do they teach this tactics somewhere?

Love is all there is. I won't discuss rape or women's issues, or much of anything without love in the heart!

Oh, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings! I imagine after a career in the military, serving in 2 combat zones, and living in the Middle East, it would take a lot more than a love letter to hurt your feelings.