Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dear Women: Stop Kicking Men Around!

Dear Women:

I want to end sexism, altogether, forever. It will hurt. It will be terrible. There are no doubt things that we love about the sexist world and we will lose them.

We won't have men to kick around anymore. I love kicking men around--and, some of you do, too. We won't be able to blame men for everything that happens to us anymore. Oh, I just love blaming!!! We will have to start out life knowing that we have to get an education or training, chose a profession or occupation, make a living, and work our entire lives until retirement. Things poor women have been doing all along. No big deal. It's worth it when you don't have to ask anyone for anything!

And, men will benefit in some other ways. Their mothers, wives, sisters, & children will probably stop seeing them as moronic filthy nasty pigs--and more as human beings. They will be far less hated and far more respected.

Men's sex lives will improve dramatically once they become equal partners and their women no longer see them as children. Women cannot be sexually attracted to a man who leaves his nasty underwear in the floor for her to pick up, who dribbles all over the bathroom, who covers the kitchen in peanut butter--and throws his carry-out containers in the back-seat.  That is a 10 year old. When he grows up and begins acting like an equal partner--and quits treating his wife like some combination of mother and camp counselor, they become equals. He will become a stud, again and his wife will find herself married to a "REAL MAN!"

When men & women are equal, men will stop seeing women as the grand providers: cooks, house keepers, baby-sitters, and prostitutes. They may, at some distant point, begin seeing women as actual human beings capable of conversation and equal to them in intelligence, ability, creativity, achievement.  And, women will stop seeing men as responsible for making their worlds go round - with some luck.

Of course, there are even more serious situations than this. There are women today who do not have checkbooks, credit cards, or "allowances." Although they legally have access to their family income, their husbands do not allow them to have access and they acquiesce. Today. In 2012. I know a woman who gets $5.00/week from her husband. He takes her shopping for her clothing and their children shopping for theirs. He buys all household goods and groceries. He pays for all school events and fees. Yes, today.

Then, of course, there are couples living in total chaos and dysfunction. Women and men troubled by addiction. Children living in complete chaos with any of the basics of life--including safety, love, and security.

Worse, there are women and children living in fear for their lives. All over the world. All over the USA. While many of us sit and watch the telly in safety and security, eating popcorn, drinking soda. Women are having their hair torn out. Being thrown down the stairs. Punched in the face or the gut with the fist of a much bigger and stronger person. Even if the children aren't being assaulted, the children are hearing and witnessing  a beloved parent or pets or other children being violently assaulted.

All over the US, children are cowering in the bedrooms hoping not to hear a step down their hall tonight. Hoping not to hear the door knob turn. Hoping not to feel...


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