Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Non-Voters

Dear Non-Voters:

Yeah you -- you little worms. You who tell me that you don't vote because you don't like politics and think all politicians are crooks. Well, I confess, you are the hardest to love of all! I am meditating, praying, reading books on loving my enemies...  I am working on it. V e  r  y ... slowly. I blame you because I am pretty great at loving.

Hope I didn't hurt your feelings! Why does the term "worm" keep coming into my head?

While many of us are out making phone calls, knocking on doors, making posters, standing out in the freezing cold, writing letters... YOU don't vote?

Yes, don't like politics. You don't like politicians. You think they are all corrupt. So, you do the only reasonable thing? You don't vote!

Do you know a politician? Personally? Have you ever been to a community, political, city council, county board, political party, or other such meeting?

In a world of possibilities--visiting the governor's office, writing your lawmakers, visiting them, writing letters to the editor, attending protests...?  No, you do none of these things. Instead you boycott voting.

Let's see. Some of you have told me that you are disillusioned and don't vote because you don't have a job, don't have health care, cannot afford your house, hate your lives... I see a trend here!

Darlings, your answer is to pout at home? Elections have been won and lost by, quite literally, one vote. Elections are commonly won and lost by a few percentage points.

So, I hope that no one else tells me that they don't vote. Because I might feel compelled to tell you how much I love you.

Your friend,


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Theocrats

Dear Theocrats,

Dear Theocrats. Darling Theocrats. I love you! I really, really do. Even when you are at your most bonkers. Why, then I love you most.

No, don't be silly. I am not talking to Iran! I know very few Persians. And, the ones I know are very reasonable and are certainly not Theocrats. Really, you have to learn to think! Get out more. Your bubble is too tight. You're suffocating in there.

I am talking to American Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, Conservative Catholics & Protestants, and Republicans who are relentless in their efforts to control women. And, of course I love you! Many of my best friends are AFECCPR's! I know you very well! You are wonderful friends to each other and those you know and love! (Pronounced afe sippers)


Did I mention your attitudes toward WOMEN? Even though a little over half of you are WOMEN? Your daughters are women, or will be when they are 21 years old. Your mothers are women. Really, all of your females are women. What are you thinking?

Oh, and I know that there is a difference between YOU - the ordinary small town church going sincerely believing does not have a trust fund and has never met one of the 1% nor has never sat on the board of directors of a multi-national corporation and never been hunting with Dick Cheney and the KOCH BROTHERS REPUBLICANS WITH TRUST FUNDS WHO WENT TO ELITE SCHOOLS RULE THE WORLD AND ARE ONLY PRETENDING TO BELIEVE - the KBRWT...'s

Oh, let's simplify this. Let's call the average person who makes less that a fortune and who is a true believer... hmmm... a True Believer! And, let's call people who are richer than God, went to fancy private schools, who have real power and real $$$$, and who secretly believe in science and evolution and climate change and... hmm... the Rich Manipulators!?! OK?

So, we know why the Rich Manipulators declare War on Women - don't we? Are you with me? Well, everything they do in life is about power and money - the only 2 things that count.

Rich Manipulator Republicans declare War on Women because you, my darling True Believers, are a prejudiced lot (and a really angry group, when you think about it!) and Rich Manipulators just love to stir you up! So, they appeal to your prejudices. You are being used.

And, you are their little worker bees! You, the True Believers are the backbone of the Republican Party and you keep the Rich Manipulators in power. You vote. And, vote. And, vote. You proselytize through your churches. You send out email after email and make call after call after call. You have your own TV network. Televangelists. Radio stations. Newspapers. All the while preaching about the mad power of "liberals." I have to admire your messaging. You are masters. The Tea Party is more than a little scary to Rich Manipulators - it is taking on a life of it's own. But, I have faith in money!

But, my dear True Believers who are masters of messaging, why are you so prejudiced against women? Who do you think women are - wild-eyed revolutionaries? What is the source of our power? You make me feel so dangerous! And, both powerful and powerless at the same time.

Oh, right! WE are your mothers and it's PAYBACK!

Ouchie! I can just hear a True Believer mom saying, "Sorry about those spankings! And, the soap in the mouth. And, the lectures. And, the "times out" in the room. And, being grounded. And, the public humiliation. Sorry Daddy got caught with porn. Sorry Daddy had to go to rehab. Sorry Daddy used to beat Mommy. Sorry about the D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Sorry I told you masturbation would cause hair to grow out your nose - I really believed it. I was humiliated when the school nurse called."

So, you hate your mothers - and, your fathers. But, why do you want to grow up to be just like him? Oooohhhh! I get it!

Oh, dear, then we have that little problem with Eve. The power of sex! It's really only that powerful when it's forbidden. Suppressed. Repressed. Secret. Nasty. That is why we have sooooo dang many Newt Gringriches in the right wing world. That and "cheap grace." Wait.  I am getting off topic. What a dangerous gal Eve was. Hmmm... That Adam was quite the... follower... wasn't he? No backbone, eh? That's been eating away at you.

Then there was Jezebel. Wow. Delilah... Double wow. I don't know what book you're reading but I'm seeing another guy with no backbone, here.

Have you really read the Bible? We know what the research says, don't we? It says most of you Theocrats have not read the Bible. You should. You really, really should! It is X-rated!

There are some very practical reasons to declare War on Women. Really, if you subjugate half the population, that eliminates quite a bit of competition. Makes life a bit easier. And, who wouldn't want to rule the roost? Especially those who lack confidence - the banty roosters of the coop.

But, I know you intimately - yes, I do! I know you to be wildly irrational.

Otherwise, I would say, "reconcile your values!" Either you believe in freedom, the constitution, and small government - for EVERYONE! OR, you don't believe in it at all. But... sadly... you are busy today...  protecting the lives of sperm, unfertilized eggs, fertilized eggs that haven't divided yet, fertilized eggs that look like frog eggs about to turn into tad poles...

Today, just for spite, I killed some sperm. Yep, millions of women did. They did the laundry.

No, you do not want women to be the "boss of their own bodies" do you? Now, that is a frightening prospect. Women in control of themselves. Who knows what they might do? Eat what they want? Quit cleaning the house? Go vegetarian? Drink dirty martinis? LNO? The sky's the limit? Birth control? An abortion you don't know about?

It isn't frightening to me because I was born with a sad defect - minding my own business. It's genetic. I was born with a sad lack of interest in other people's affairs. Except for wanting everyone to have health care. And, food. Food is good. Housing, likewise... A few of those concerns.

Oh, Theocrats, I'm still talking to you, did you protect a diabetic today? Did you help an elderly Democrat to cross the street? Did you protect someone with Altzheimer's? Did you donate to some charities.

Or, is it just fetuses you love? We know you do not value the lives of fully sentient death row inmates. And, you just love the flag but don't seem to value the actual lives of our service men and women - as in, "I do not want to send any one to an unnecessary war." Just fetuses? Is it especially other people's fetuses? Because a lot of Theocrats seem to have had abortions. Just wonderin'.

If a room were filled with some frog eggy looking items in a petrie dish and someone you love with Parkinson's Disease, and it were on fire, I hope you would follow through on your beliefs and would save the petrie dishes of fertilized eggs and let Uncle Harry with Parkinson's die. You cannot have any fetuses dying.

And, of course you do lack imagination: What if? What if your daugther had just found out she had cancer and was pg? Not abortion for her. Or, your wife were accidentally pregnant and in a severe diabetic crisis. Too bad. Or, your sister had taken a dangerous medication while unknowingly pregnant. Tough luck.

You, being a True Believer and rigid thinker, are unaware of the 1,000's of medical conditions that women need gynecological care for - sometimes from birth - until they die. You are unaware of the many conditions that women take birth control pills for besides birth control. Mitt Romney seems unaware that gynecological care is so expensive that just choosing your own is not an option.

And, you don't care a lot about tit for tat, do you. As in, "If my reproductive organs get no medical treatment, neither do yours." So, no testicular cancer screening, no Viagra, no penile implants, etc. for men? Not worried?

Oh, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but did you know that birth control is less expensive to society than rearing a child? Not to mention less expensive to a family!

[Did you know that if we do not provide free health care to someone with a serious deteriorating illness, that eventually that person will deteriorate, become permanently and totally disabled and qualify for Medical Assistance anyway? In some cases, that person could have been working and paying taxes all that time. Just sayin'.]

The basic and underlying problem is the cost of health care and the fact that women require gynecological care their entire adult lives. And, this care is none of anyone else's business except that woman's and her doctor. Perhaps that is the frightening fact.

Now, why don't  you True Believers and Rich Manipulators want women to get health care? Well, Rich Manipulators WHO OWN EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (insurance companies, hospital corporations, clinics, and...) don't want to pay for it? C'est possible. Then, they persuade True Believers that RELIGIOUS FREEDOM is being violated. and True Believers go bonkers - as, I am sorry to say, you do very frequently.

Rich Manipulators manage to persuade True Believers that doctors, pharmacists, nurses, P.A.'s (who should be required as part of their professional ethics to provide medical care to every patient they see according to THAT patient's religion and NOT their own religion) that it is they who are being discriminated against and not in fact the patient - so  that they will vote Republican.

Rich Manipulators persuade True Believers that the most important issue in Western Civilization is abortion rights so that they go bonkers will forget about the massive cost of Iraq and Afghanistan in lives and money so that they will vote Republican.

Oh, I love True Believers so much! I don't think I personally know any Rich Manipulators. I don't think I personally know any of the 1%. I would love to - I really, really would.

With much love.

Your friend,


Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear Rock County Elephants

Dear Rock County Republicans:

Oh, now I am getting personal! I know it. I just cannot help myself because I am so filled with love it just overflows everywhere and I cannot stop it--even if I wanted to. I especially love Republicans--some of my best friends are Republicans.

Of course I am altruistic! I want to help you. I want to see you earn and keep the respect of your friends, family, neighbors and even your political opponents. And, yes, that is very possible.

Rock County Republicans, I don't just love you, I adore you! Yes, I am speaking to the Representatives of the 43rd, 44th, and soon the 31st Assembly Districts that are NOW located in Rock County! I have to carry around a map and a magnifying glass to reconcile the actual geography of Rock County after the Republican gerrymandering of Wisconsin in 2011.

Now, that is an interesting word, isn't it? Republican? Why are they called "Republicans" when they have so little concern for the republic and so much concern for the "Corporation" and the profits for which the stand? I have never understood that. Oh, maybe that is a fairly recent development? I digress...

I just love all 3 of you! Well, I do not want to hurt anyone's feeling, but I call you 3 Republican Assembly Wo/men "The Three (Walker) Stooges! Isn't that clever!

I love you, Wynn, Knilans, & Loudenbeck so much that I want you to come home for good!

You are so cute. All of you are so new to politics. New to government--which as Republicans you are supposed to despise which makes me wonder why you wanted government jobs. But,now I am wandering.

I want to know more about your insurance. My (lack of) insurance is a nightmare. Should I run for office? Of course, I should. OK, I am pretty sure I have a point if I can find it...

Oh, I watched you with your fresh young and innocent faces at a meeting as you struggled to answer questions of your constituents at City Hall in Janesville. That is a polite way of saying you looked completely perplexed and couldn't answer the questions. Merciful Lord... I bet you were thanking the Wood Nymphs for ALEC because you couldn't have written a piece of legislation with a private tutor.

A constituent asked you, my dear Mr. Wynn, a question about the science related to water treatment and you didn't understand the terms used in the question. He had to explain it and you still couldn't answer it. Oh, honey...

Mr. Knilans thought that each classroom had more money after the budget was cut and couldn't explain how or where the money came from if the budget had been dramatically cut. Sweetheart, you voted for that budget...

Ah...the star of the group, Ms. Loudenbeck punted a lot. That was smart, except it still gave the impression that you didn't know the answers...

Mr. Knilans, you didn't know that the voter ID issues had already been thoroughly researched and it had been found that ID fraud is such a tiny problem that it is not really worth spending millions of dollars to correct. It is an itsy bitsy insignificant problem. You hadn't read the research--didn't know the research existed. Why not? I researched it as a private citizen. People in the audience were looking at each other and feeling sorry for you--you looked so uncomfortable.

None of Walker's Rock County Stooges were able to answer a question about how the transportation budget works and Sen. Cullen had to step in and answer--our great Democratic Senator had to answer a number of their questions. Now is that irony? Or, is it just plain pathetic?

But, I had no idea you 3 Walker Stooges worked so hard! 265 pieces of legislation in 1 1/2 years? Oh, wait! You didn't write OUR legislation! ALEC did! Well, the thought was nice.

You know, only a few of you are going on to the alphabet street--to the big consulting jobs in the sky? Only a few of you are going to get rich? Welcome home to the rest of you!

You gave up everything, but now you will find out what happens to people who love corporations and parties more than their friends and... well I don't want to hurt your feellings, but...well to those who should have just stayed on the farm, so to speak.

Ohhhhhhh....Rock County's 3 R's--you are not going to K Street! You may or may not keep your seats for a bit. But, there is no corporate jet in your future, no job at a think tank--gotta be able to think for that. You do not have a big political future. You have lost all respect--if you ever had any--from you old friends, neighbors, former co-workers... You are not going to get a teaching job. You do not have any social skills to fall back on--gotta smile and shake a few hands. You are not brilliant states wo/men. You are not visionaries. You were chosen by the WI GOP because you would go along to get along and support the Koch Brothers and Walker. It wasn't your raw talent, education, intelligence... Oh...that was harsh. Forgive me.

I love you. I really, really do. And, I truly hope you retire soon and let someone else take on this ugly, ugly job. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings.

Your friend,

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Friends--How's Walker Working for You?

Dear Dear Friends:

You know who you are--I don't need to define you, do I? Sorry for kissing you on the lips--you looked a little uncomfortable. Except for guy in the black and white shirt - now, that was just nasty! Not friendly, nasty!

Of course I do! Need to define who my DEAR FRIENDS are, that is. Holy duck feathers, I am having a hard time loving a few of you. Loving my enemies is easy. Loving my friends, family, and in-laws, now that is a challenge. But, you know me...viciously loving at times.

Well of course I love and adore RECALLERS! VOTERS! VOLUNTEERS! CANVASSERS! CALLERS! And, PARTY PEOPLE! No, you do not have to be an "operative" or swallow anything "hook, line, and sinker," (Gross! Thinking of black & white shirt guy.) and YES! you may think for yourselves. But, I do love a good party! AND, you may join any other - or every other - party as well as the Dems!

But, my fellow Dems, moderates, greens, independents, reformed Republicans...and a few stoners who have been sitting on the couch since 1969...(get some Febreeze for God's sake!), who won't work on the WALKER RECALL, who fail to vote, won't join the Democratic Party (yes, we do have a 2 party system) during the worst political crisis of my lifetime, and those who don't volunteer, don't read a newspaper, NEVER share information or forward emails, and wouldn't call or canvass if their lives depended on it...I'm talking to you!

As my dear mother used to say, "Better to hear this from someone who loves you."

Listen up! Collecting ONE MILLION signatures was a walk in the park on a sunny spring day compared with the effort it is going to take to elect a DEMOCRAT FOR GOVERNOR. Especially after a few Dems shoot themselves in their feet for a few weeks. [Oh, I am NOT a self-hating Dem. I adore myself. Ask anyone.]

And, I love Democrats! I adore Democrats! I AM a Democrat! I have sworn to put the party back in party politics and we all know that Women Are the Life of the Democratic Party. But, bless us everyone...

Were we under the impression Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers were so impressed they were going to roll over and play dead!?!

Have we failed to notice that they own a vast amount of our country from school boards to governors to state assemblies to state congress to the Tea Party to... to... Can you read $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ?

NEWSFLASH: We do not have media access in this country and certainly not in Rock County. We have CORPORATE media.

You know my love and devotion to The Janesville Gazette--I just love local media, don't you? But, Bliss Communication has ultra-conservative owners. They are not eager to support liberal, progressive, Democratic, or even moderate news or events. There is one moderate bone in their bodies--it is the smallest bone they occasionally throw out to distract us and keep their subscriptions up..

People frequently tell me that they do not hear about events. The reason people don't hear about events, is that they are not members of any organizations that disseminate information. It isn't coming from the newspaper!

May I make a shameless plug for joining the Democratic Party? Of course! I write the rules--I just love writing the rules! If you don't like it, get your own blog--I mean that in the most loving way possible!

Joining the state party or the county party automatically makes you a member of both! get on the email list! find out about events. Where you will be welcomed with open and loving arms! I love members of the Rock County Dems! I really, really do--and we are having the time of our lives!

Honestly, joining a political party won't hurt. I promise. EVERYONE who wants to RECALL WALKER, please join the RECALL PARTY!

Use the info below or come by the offices:

Mon - Sat: 9 am - 9 pm and Sun: 12 noon - 9 pm
111 West Milwaukee Street, Janesville

Your friend,


*You can print the membership info and mail in, join on-line, or come by the office.

*High School Students--please contact for assistance with the $10.00 fee:

Phone: 608-754-4434 Email:
110 King Street, Suite 203, Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 255-5172 Email:

“Now more than ever we need to grow and nurture our membership, a close-knit community of individuals who care about moving our state forward and fighting those who would take us back. Our goal is to empower Democrats in Wisconsin with the resources and know-how to win elections and make a real difference on behalf of our working families.” - Mike Tate, Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin


*Help elect Democrats on all levels, in all corners of the state
*Receive exclusive information including a regular e-newsletter
*Participate in free grassroots activist trainings
*Become a member of the State Party when you join the County Party
*Join a community of like-minded individuals
*Vote in Party elections and help shape the Party’s Platform
*Advance issues that are important to you through one of our C=caucuses
*Get involved in politics, and make a difference!



Be among the first to hear about local, state, and national issues affecting Democrats. However you like to access information – online, in your mailbox, or even on your cell phone – we will help you stay informed and engaged in a way that speaks to you. As a member, you will also have access to an ever-growing amount of exclusive content.


Your membership instantly adds you to a community of like-minded individuals, giving you access to thousands of other Wisconsinites who have similar points of view. From County Party meetings to the State Convention, members are provided with a variety of opportunities to connect with one another.


Make a difference in your community through volunteering, organizing, and voicing your opinions. Members have access to activist trainings, volunteer opportunities and avenues for making their voices heard. We’ll provide you with ways to get involved, and you choose what is right for you. Members also help shape the Party’s future by choosing its Platform and voting in Party elections.


Party members care about electing Democrats at all levels, in all corners of the state. Since the Party works on behalf of all Democratic campaigns, large and small, every membership helps keep Wisconsin blue. Show your support for Wisconsin’s Democratic candidates up and down the ticket by becoming a member today.


A membership in your County Party automatically makes you a member of the State Party, and vice-versa. Membership in your County Party gives you the opportunity to influence politics on a local level, and connects you with other Democrats in your area.


Our caucuses represent the rich diversity of our members. They bring people together around issues that face each of these groups. Most caucuses hold regular meetings and social events. These are the current caucuses of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

Become a member of the Democratic Party of Rock County
The Democratic Party of Wisconsin!

Becoming a member is easy. Choose the method below that works best for you:

*Send in the membership form found here
*Sign up online at
*Call the Democratic Party of Wisconsin headquarters in Madison at 608-255-5172
*Send this form and a check to Democratic Party of Wisconsin, 110 King St., Suite 203, Madison, WI 53703

Are you interested in hearing more about our caucuses—interest groups? (Please check all that apply)?
__American Indian Caucus
__Black Caucus
__Latino/Hispanic Caucus
__LGBT Caucus
__Rural Caucus
__Veterans’ Caucus
__Women’s Caucus

BECOME A MEMBER TODAY! Choose the level that best suits you
__$50 per month — Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt*
__$20 per month — Harry & Bess Truman*
__$10 per month — John & Jackie Kennedy*
__$75 per year — Dr. Martin Luther & Coretta King, Jr.*
__$45 per year — Activist
__$35 per year — Pairs
__$25 per year — General
__$10 per year — Student/Senior/Limited Income
* includes all family members

*Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.

Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Your contribution may be used in connection with federal elections and is subject to the limitations and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act.

Name: ________________________________ Partner (if applicable)________________

*Occupation __________________________*Employer _________________________

Home #(_____) _________________ Email ____________________________________

Address _______________________________City______________________________

State_____________________________ Zip _________________

___Don’t automatically renew my membership yearly.

Card No# ________________________Expiration Date __________ CCV _________


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dear Slackers--Foreplay is Over!

Dear Slackers,

I love you! Some of my best friends are slackers! Why, some people think I'M a slacker! I've hurt my own feelings.

But, The TIME is finally here. We have made posters and signs and driven to Madison and stood out in the snow and freezing weather. We have collected pledges. We collected a million signatures! Are we there, yet!

Hell, NO! That was just foreplay--so to speak. Our warm-up exercises. The appetizer. The antipasto, aperitif, canapé, cocktail, the hors d'oeuvre... I just love words, don't you? It pains me deeply to have cheating flunk for guv!

Well, my very dear friends in the RECALL WALKER movement--former Republicans, regretful Walker voters, environmentalists, Independents, independents, Greens, Democrats, democrats, and thinking people! I just cannot wait for the main course!

I have been accused of being hard to please. Exacting. Demanding. Oh, some heartless person called me "demanding" once. Or twice. Or a few times.

And, this is what I want: Record numbers of voters! And, a record win by a Democrat for governor of Wisconsin. Ohhhhhh...I want the Senate and the Assembly in Democrat hands, too. Is that too much to ask?

Yes, the petition collection was just a little foreplay--a love letter to Walker, so to speak.

NOW is the main event. NOW is the time to "Kiss Walker Goodbye!"

Oh, dear--I just threw up a little in my mouth! But, "Kiss Walker Goodbye" is just a metaphor and it is a lot better than, "It's Time to Kick Walker's A@#!" or "It's Time to Kick Walker in the Head!" or ...

So, my dear slackers, we think we worked long hard hours last winter? We stood out in the cold and snow? We called and canvassed and called and canvassed and stood on street corners?

Hah! That was just the beginning--the appetizer--and it was all for naught if we fail now to GET OUT THE VOTE!

So, get off your cans! Put away that beer cheese! Put away the beer AND the cheese! Turn off the TV. Your family, your house, your car, your lawn...your personal life can wait. You won't be able to afford them unless we KISS WALKER GOODBYE ON JUNE 5.

Get to the Democratic Coordinated Campaign Offices and volunteer or we are going to be stuck with that ring-tailed SOB forever! So, get off your behinds and get to 111 West Milwaukee and volunteer! Mon - Sat 9-9 and Sun 12 noon - 9pm.


*There are 59 days until Walker's Recall Election on JUNE 5.
*There is NO referendum!
*EVERYONE has to vote on June 5.
*We have to work harder than we did getting petitions.
*Rock County: please volunteer at 111 West Milwaukee, Janesville. 9 - 9 Mon - Sat and 12 - 9 Sun


<< REGISTERING TO VOTE REQUIRES PROOF OF RESIDENCE: a lease, a utility bill, A DL, etc. that contain your full name and your complete street address


TUES APR 10: You must be a RESIDENT of YOUR VOTING DISTRICT as of Apr 10 to register and vote on election day in the RECALL PRIMARY on MAY 8









Now, let's get informed, share information, and start making calls and canvassing. We have to persuade everyone to vote in record numbers.

Oh, I just love voting and voters! Don't you!?!

Your friend,


Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Billionaire Dog Hater & Theocratic Lady-Part Lover

Dear Republican Voters:

Yes, I am speaking to Billionaire Dog Hater and Theocratic Lady-Part Lover: Take better care of your dogs and my Lady Parts. Now, on with the elections.

I love you passionately! Voters deserve some kind of special recognition--a tax break would work for me. Doesn't voting just give you a natural high? I feel giddy all day long on ELECTION DAY. Then...election watch parties make me tingle all over. It could be the vodka, though--you never know.

Today is a very special day for me. Wisconsin has an Open Primary and I get to vote for a Republican Presidential Candidate. Oh, I am woozy just thinking about it!

The choices are simply delicious! Who is writing this script? It has to be a tree-hugging Volvo driving pinko commie socialist fascist lib comedian! No. No, I am wrong. No one could make this stuff up!

My Sample Ballot reads:

President of the United States - Republican Party

NEWT [the serial adulterer] GINGRICH (Republican)
JON [too intelligent] HUNTSMAN (Republican)
MITT ["not stiff"] ROMNEY (Republican)
MICHELE [batshit crazy] BACHMANN (Republican)
RON [let 'em die] PAUL (Republican)
RICK [loves/hates lady parts] SANTORUM (Republican)
UNINSTRUCTED [hahahaha] DELEGATION (Republican)

What utterly delicious choices! For sheer hilarity, this cannot be beat! There is not a single candidate that thinking people like--Huntsman had to withdraw. He passed an IQ test. None of them have a heart. The ironies are too much to bear! I have 7 hours until I vote at 7:55! Help me decide!

Of course, I cannot waste a vote on Jon Huntsman--we all knew that Republicans would not choose a thoughtful, educated, well-spoken man with something to say about foreign policy.

No, that would not appeal to "the base." "The Base" being right-wing religious nuts who believe that Democrats are simultaneously socialists and fascists and don't believe in reading newspapers--or is it just the New York Times? Oh, and are anti-education, pro-low wages, against workers rights and benefits, against health care that they themselves need... Is this a nightmare?

I have always had a sick and perverted desire to see Michele Bachmann debate President Obama. I have the nauseous feeling he would go easy on her and the sure sense that Fox News would report that she had won the debate if she got her name right. Or, even if she didn't get her name right.

One thing I simply adore about Right Wing Republicans is their sheer hypocrisy and complete lack of morality. YES! I love the Newtster! Doncha just love redemption! I tried that on a couple of old boyfriends--and, honestly, the wounded party does not give a flying hoot owl about redemption. But, you have to love a PARTY OF FAMILY VALUES who supports a serial adulterer.

Ron Paul is so cute--I love little old men. But, good G-d, I'm glad he's not my doctor. Imagine forgetting to pay your last bill!?! "Well...we all make choices. Vivian made a choice. She is an adult. Bring the family in to say goodby..." Nah...not voting for him. I am a procrastinator and I don't want to die for it.

Mitt and I have so much in common. ...? ...? ...? Ah! We both have a dog! That story will never die! My dog told me not to vote for him and what she says goes. I did take his advice to, "Go buy health insurance anywhere you want to." It didn't work. No one would sell it to me! Of course, were I he, I could buy the hospital! Aha! That is the answer! Sick people need to just buy a hospital--the way he is buying his bid at the presidency. I hope he doesn't buy the presidency...think voting machines...

Oh, I just love Ricky Santorum-the cheap little theocrat! Don't you think he looks a little crazed in the eyes? He wants to have a little theocracy filled with pregnant women--pregnant women without insurance? Without healthcare? Without mamograms and PAP tests? Where non-Catholics and non-Evangelicals cannot get birth control because employers no longer have to provide it? SO THEY CAN ALL SAVE A DIME! But, he sure does love lady-parts, doesn't he! Must be women he hates.

OK, I think I have my choice--what about you?

I just love the Republican presidential candidates don't you? This is more fun than a three ring circus--oh, wait! It is a three ring circus!!!

See you at the polls!

Oh, dear! Hope I didn't hurt your feelings. I love you all: I really, really do! Alduterers, Billionaire Dog Haters, Theocrats, Bat-S@#$ Crazies, Euthanizing Doctors... The greatest show on earth!

Your friend,