Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear USA Occupants

Dear USA Occupants: Both Legal and Illegal:

I just love my fellow occupants of this great country--every single one of you! Ahhh... let me rethink that... Do I really love murders, adulterers, wife beaters, child molesters, and stupid people? Yes, I am committed to unconditional love. Agape. To unconditional love without the thought of benefit or of power. Why, I don't know, though.

So, I have toyed with what to call us all, though. Citizens and illegal aliens? Legals and Illegals? Occupants. I really love that one. We all occupy this land--we don't really own it and we won't be here forever. We are occupying it for now but will each of us be leaving it behind some day soon.  The People? That's a good name. People who live here?  I like that, too. We the People. The Tribe? Our Tribe? The Tribe of The People Who Occupy the United States--that's quite a name. Of course, we could just stick with "Americans."

As I go on about my business of being Someone Who Shares What She Thinks at every opportunity for the betterment and enlightenment of our society of The People, I get very frustrated and find it very difficult to love certain people--I know, even I have trouble love everyone all the time.

You might think I have a hard time loving Republicans and Far Right Wing Conservatives Who Cannot Think for Themselves. Au contraire. They are so pathetic and easy to love. OH, damn, I have insulted them again! Bless their hearts!

No, the folks I have a hard time loving are my fellow Occupants, My People, My Tribe Members Who Occupy the United States of America.. I cannot bear to say the words... I am getting agitated... who... tears are forming... who... who are disengaged! I said it!

I have a hard time loving Americans Who don't vote! Who don't read newspapers! Who don't vote! Who don't belong to their political parties! Who don't vote! Who don't know where they vote or what assembly, senate, or congressional districts they live in. AND, WHO WILL NOT COME OUT TO THE COUNTLESS FREE EVENTS SPONSORED BY ORGANIZATIONS AND CANDIDATES THAT WOULD GIVE THEM A BIGGER WELCOME THAN A COUNTRY CHURCH!

People all over the world would love to come to the USA, join a political party, attend meetings freely, run for a little local office, make decisions about events & speakers, write letters, speak up at meetings, march around the capital, and VOTE! People still die for the right to vote. People are imprisoned for writing letters to the editors of the newspapers. People are in prisons for using email and Facebook!

So, I was thinking of exporting everyone who doesn't care enough to participate in Democracy and giving instant citizenship to people who have risked their lives to come here illegally! Yep, if you don't vote in 2 elections, you get deported. If you rode on top of a train, swam a dangerous river, walked through a desert, or hid in a container box to get to the USA, you get to stay! If you were a political prisoner, you come here for free and someone who doesn't vote gets deported.

And, I am changing the vocabulary. I am not saying "political" or "politics" any more. I am saying using the term, "citizenship."  Yes, I am participating in citizenship when I go to rallies or volunteer for the Dems or volunteer for candidates--not politics.

And, if you are not participating in citizenship and our lives get worse--I blame YOU! If it gets better--go ahead, thank me and all the other people you know who are active in CITIZENSHIP ACTIVITIES! I deserve it! I am working on citizenship like a dog.

Oh, I do so love my fellow occupants so much. Frankly, I haven't gotten far on my journey toward agape: I will love you far more AFTER you have engaged in 10 citizenship activities. But, I do love you a little bit!

Your friend,


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear Puritans

Dear Puritans & Separatists:

 I simply adore you in spite of the horrible accusations that have been made against you:  small pox blankets, measles, influenza, plague... Wiping out 90% of of the native population of a continent.  Trying to remember why I love you. Hmmm... Oh! Thanksgiving Day. There was a feast and I do love a good feast! And, you were plucky--gotta give you that. But, I digress.

Well, there is just so much talk of separation of church & state lately, you have been on my mind. You get so much credit for coming to North America for the principle of "Religious Freedom." I do love Religious Freedom. For everyone, of course! Not just for myself. I am not selfish with freedom.

Because, I just hate practicing other people's religion--it really gets on my nerves! I have a perfectly good theology of my own--why should I have to practice someone else's? In fact: "Practice religion, don't legislate it" is a motto of mine. I carry a sign reading that at Planned Parenthood & Naral rallies. I digress, again!

Puritans, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I am questioning your position on Religious Freedom, human rights, voter rights, capital punishment... and a bunch of stuff. Oh... I do so hope I haven't hurt your feelings! 

But, if I have understood history correctly, you did not sail to North America for the "principle" of religious freedom BUT for freedom for yourselves. Because, didn't you immediately set up a little theocracy? Didn't you persecute a few people who just happened not to be in agreement with you -- not to mention alleged witches? Quakers and Baptists didn't fare too well, did they. OMG! Our founding mothers and fathers were THEOCRATS?

Oh... wait... now I am really confusing myself, Dear Puritans and Separatists, weren't you organized as a stock company? A trading company? Don't know much about history, but... OMG! Our founding mother and fathers were CORPORATISTS? And... THEOCRATS?

And, didn't you persecute other religions by denying them the right to vote?  OMG! Our very founding mothers and fathers were engaged in VOTER SUPPRESSION in the Plymouth and the Massachusetts Bay Colonies?

Of course, I am proud that you only hanged people in the town square and didn't burn anyone at the stake. But, still, your record on CAPITAL PUNISHMENT stinks.

Thank goodness there were a few others who came along. Almost had an anxiety attack until I remembered Thomas Jefferson. Whew.

Our great country still has its share of  citizens who want the USA to be a Christian theocracy. We have many citizens support the rights of corporations as people. We actually have political leaders who rig elections and write laws to suppress voting. We have many citizens who strongly support murder by the state: capital punishment. The ideological descendants of Puritans? I will leave that to historians and philosophers but I suspect that is paying them too high a compliment. The Puritans valued education.

Oh, and I just love them all!

Oh, I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings!

Your friend,


Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Pols: About Women's Issues

Dear Pols in the World of Women’s Issues:

What to do? What to do?

The world of “Women’s Issues” is a tangled mess—including that very term. Holy Kitty Cats! I just hate being an issue—don’t you? I feel like so much more!

Well, of course I am going to straighten this all out!

“Women’s Issues” seem to all revolve around the facts that roughly 51% of the population has external genitalia, internal genitalia, DNA, and hormone levels defining them as female. Why is this an issue? I blame it all on St. Augustine.

Of course, there are a host of issues we won’t even get into here—such as when external and internal genitalia, DNA, hormonal levels, etc. are not all in alignment! We won’t even address sexual identity, either! Or attraction. But, I digress...

Listen up. You did know that women make up the majority of voters, right? Oh... you didn't know? That explains it!

It is time for voters to have platforms. Why do political candidates have platforms, anyway? Voters need to lean on candidates--and I mean lean hard. Women, let's start leaning.


I want political leaders who support human and women’s rights!

Let’s start with something we all have in common. Being human! I support human rights. I support equal rights for everyone who comes under the category of “human” and that includes “women.” Yes, it is a radical notion. Still. After all these years. Decades. And... decades... and...  Long after women’s suffrage.... Still supporting women’s rights.

I want political leaders who support Planned Parenthood and easy affordable access to obstetrical and gynecological health care services for women.

Women need reproductive health care their entire lives--it isn’t just about sex and sex and more sex. And sluts. And more sex... And Rush Limbaugh. It’s about saving lives. Invest in prevention and save lives--and, money.

I want political leaders who support free and easily available contraception.

This must be one of the best investments any society could make.

I support candidates who support sex education--scientifically/medically based sex education.

I do not want government or religion dictating the teaching of religion/morality in public schools.

I support political representatives who will hold all health care professionals responsible to serve all patients according to the patients’ health care wants and needs and not the professional’s personal religious views.

There should be no “conscience clause.” There should be (and are) "professional ethics clauses." It is not religious discrimination to require professionals to uphold their ethical professional responsibilities to meet patients’ health care needs.

How could anyone enter a health care profession (or how could a Church go into the business of health care), but only offer services consistent with their own private religious beliefs? This is holding health care patients hostage to the religious beliefs of health care providers and is profoundly unethical.

I want candidates who support stem cell research.

I support science. I support research. I support saving lives through stem-cell research. There is no adequate substitute for embryonic stem cell research and I do not want to hear phony science from politicians, parties or candidates. I do not want our government taking religious positions on matters of public policy and health.  

I support candidates who support a woman’s right to choose. I support candidates who will vote to make abortion easily accessible and affordable and keep it safe and legal.

I do not want the government and religion involved in personal private medical decisions

I support a woman’s right to choose. I trust that women, their doctors, couples, and families can make the best decisions in their own best interests.

I do not want Roe v Wade chipped away inch by inch.

I ask political leaders not make the most personal and private decisions for others--and not to ask others to follow their religious beliefs..

My dear, dear candidates. Do not ask me, in any way whatsoever, to do anything that is demeaning to myself, my gender, my own self-interest, or my own intellectual/emotional/physical well-being.

And, do not ask me or anyone else to practice your religion.

Hmmmm... yep... that about sums it up! That is part of my platform. You surely didn’t think that was all, did you? We haven’t even touched on foreign policy!

Oh, candidates and politicians, I just love you so much! Now, listen to women! We are going to be leaning on you very hard. We are your mothers, after all! I don't mean depending on you, you silly men! Lean left!

Your friend,