Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dear Friends on the Crazy Left - Yes! You!

Dear Crazy Left:

You are my tribe. My people. The place where I feel most comfy. My soul mates!

But, you are costing me my sanity - any shred of sanity that I had left.

I remember the Vietnam War. The Civil Rights Movement. Sh!t! I remember George Wallace! Gulf 1. Iraq - oops, wrong country. Who knew? AF. 

But, you know what is killing my soul. YOU, my dear soul mates. YOU!

Stop fighting! Stop SHOUTING! at both friend and enemy. Stop with the fake news and Republican talking points! Stop name calling! Were you raised by wolves? No. That's an insult to wolves. 


"Come together right now." Or, else.

Love, love, love is all there is,