Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dear Activists

We have political leaders who completely isolate themselves from any and all opposition: They do not keep an open office. They do not answer email. They do not have open "Town Hall Meetings." They throw out dissenters. They don't take questions from the floor. They don't answer questions.

They are firmly secured behind an impenetrable wall.

What will it take to make them answer to the American people for their voting records and political positions? To answer to their friends and neighbors?

What are your ideas. Please share them!

Will Wisconsin - and, Janesville in particular - be willing to shed our down-home good manners and do whatever it takes to make our elected officials accountable? Uncomfortable? Miserable even?

Will neighbors be willing to break the social norms and make bold statements?

Will neighbors, friends, church members, etc. be willing to write letters to the editor and keep it up day in and day out? Calling out our congress-critters?

Will friends and neighbors be willing to plaster the neighborhood with Planned Parenthood signs?

Will activists be willing to have close-to-home events and invite the press?

Will we be willing to call donors and boycott them?

Getting out of the mess that we are in is going to take bold and sustained action. What are your ideas?

Wisconsin has the trifecta: A Republican Gov, Senate, House. Oh... and a politicized Supreme Court. A majority of governors are Republicans. Many other states have this trifecta. Dems are a minority in the US Senate and House...

Love, love, love,

Monday, December 19, 2016

My Dear Citiznes

Our new president’s behavior is not normal. I wish it weren't true, but...

Shouting, interrupting, name-calling, and threatening to jail a political opponent is not acceptable behavior. We wouldn’t allow our children to behavior this way. We don’t behave this way.

This behavior is completely unacceptable and we should not adjust to it. It is not refreshing. It is not daring. It is dysfunctional. It is not normal.

A president involving adult children (who are business partners of his) in governmental affairs is not acceptable and not normal political behavior.

Not giving press interviews after being elected to the highest office in the land is not normal political behavior. Being inaccessible is not in keeping with our democratic values. 

Refusing to release tax returns is not normal acceptable political behavior. It is undemocratic.

Threatening mass deportations is undemocratic. It is not normal political behavior. It is dangerous.

A religious registry is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. It is undemocratic and a betrayal of our history. It is not normal.

Using religion as a factor in approving immigration is not normal political behavior. It is a betrayal of our history. It is undemocratic. It is not normal.

Let us not “normalize” the abnormal; the maladjusted; the dysfunctional.

A president whose behavior is abnormal; who lacks any relevant experience; and who has a personal and business history of repeated failure is not normal and not acceptable.

Let’s vow not to adjust; to resist; to speak out; to raise our expectations and never lower them.

I love you. I really really do.