Monday, July 3, 2017

Democrats and Republicans Have So Much in Common!

Dear Friends,

It has been utterly shocking to me to discover that Republicans and Democrats share virtually identical beliefs!

Liberals believe that they play fair and conduct themselves with decorum and that Republicans don’t. Republicans believe – well, you can guess!

Republicans believe that Democrats value nothing but power and winning – and Democrats view Republicans the same way. Amazing!

Liberals don't believe that Republican positions are legitimate. And, vice versa!

Republicans want to shut up Democrats and make them go away. And… you guessed it!

Democrats view Republicans as racists, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic because they do not speak out against racism, oppose access to birth control and OB-GYN care for women, oppose same sex marriage, and oppose immigration.

Republicans view Democrats as “bleeding heart liberals” who choose these positions because they are fashionable.

Republicans and Democrats both believe that, “These people are not arguing in good faith. I'm convinced that many of them don't even really believe their own crap.”

They both believe that the "other side" is destroying our country!

Liberals and Conservatives both believe that they are “Going to have to come to terms with this reality (the lack of good faith and good will) and start playing hardball back.”

Both sides believe that going low is “a coordinated strategy” on the part of the other side. So much in common!

 Each side sees the other as “vicious.” Evidently, the viciousness of the other side explains one’s own viciousness.

Liberals and Conservatives both believe that the other side is evil.

Many on both sides seem to believe that “the ends justify the means.”

Republicans seem to be aware of every insult to their side and their politicians and completely unaware of negative behavior on their own part. And, vice versa!

Democrats think that Republicans “never turn their backs” on one of their own and…Surprise! Republicans believe that to be true of Dems!

With so much in common, it would seem that everyone could put the welfare of country first and work toward solutions!

Nah… Not gonna happen.  But, I can hope, can't I?

Hoping for reconciliation,