Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Cave Men

Dear Rep Mike Callton and Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas:


Are all of these "dirty words" that cannot be said on the "House Floor?" Please be more specific, because my doctor is using these words and I might have to report him  to the medical ethics board.

What is wrong with you? Are you ignorant? Crazy? Mean? Unintelligent? Or, trying to score points with the ignorant, crazy, mean, and unintelligent? 

VAGINA is a medical term. VAGINA is in the dictionary. VAGINAE are a part of female anatomy--a part of women's bodies just as are the nose, eyes, toes, and knees. Just as the penis or the ear is a part of a man's body. 

"What she said was offensive," Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville) said. "It was so offensive, I don't even want to say it in front of women. I would not say that in mixed company."

"My concern was the decorum of the House, not of anything she said," said Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas (R-Midland). "I ask all members to maintain a decorum of the House, and I felt it went too far yesterday."

Those were your replies to Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown using the word "vagina" on the house floor while speaking out against an anti-abortion bill. My dear gentlemen, if the word VAGINA isn't appropriate then, when is it?

Am I to understand that the words "rape," "incest," and "anti-abortion" do not offend you but the word VAGINA does? This is wrong. Where is the decorum in anti-abortion, rape and incest?

It is wrong that men are making laws governing women's bodies. 

It is wrong that ignorant men are making laws governing women's bodies. I will hazard a guess that not 10% of anti-health care for women, anti-choice, anti-Planned Parenthood, anti-contraception, anti-Plan B, etc. etc. etc. lawmakers know what a blastocyst is or could define 10% of these terms:

It is wrong that some citizens of the United States are being required to follow the religious beliefs of other citizens. Lawmakers should practice their religion and not legislate it. Abortion and all issues related to female reproductive care are no exception.

It is wrong that men who do not know the difference between dirty words and medical terminology are making laws governing women's bodies.

It is wrong that men whose only association to female anatomy seems to be sexual are allowed to pass legislation regulating female health care.

It is frightening that a male lawmaker finds a descriptive medical term for a woman's female genitalia offensive and as a psychiatric social worker (retired) I believe that this renders him incompetent to vote on these issue.

The inability to use descriptive neutral language  by anyone would indicate significant repression and denial that might interfere with theie ability to deal with important social issues. Ex: "The poor don't really suffer." "Rape and incest are so infrequent they don't really matter." "The reproductive organs of women are not something to be discussed in polite society and... therefore are not deserving of health care."  

If lawmakers are so repressed that they are unable to use medical terminology, how can penile cancer, ovarian cancer, VAGINAL CANER, etc. and insurance coverage, Medicare, MA, rape, incest and other issues be discussed and problems solved for the sake of our communities and country?

Gentlemen, did you know that the VAGINA isn't just an empty space for a penis or a baby. It is a body organ, a muscular tube extending from the cervix to the opening of the body. Did you know that women get VAGINAL CANCER? Did you know that some times women have to have their VAGINAE removed?  

How have we, as a country of sane, intelligent, compassionate, and educated people come to the point where our lawmakers behave with such displays of ignorance?

How can you stand before the entire world and behave worse than cavemen? You are a disgrace to man-hood. I hope your wives and children are ashamed to go out with you today, on Father's Day.

Oh, of course, I love you. If I didn't, who would? Agape, and all that.

Your friend,


"Michigan Lawmaker Banned from Speaking on House Floor After Saying the Word ‘Vagina’ During Abortion Bill Debate" []

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Murderers by Neglect

Dear Murderers by Neglect:
Do you ever have thoughts that hover around your consciousness? You may even say the words but don’t allow yourself to really truly deeply think the thought.
Then, one day, you do—think the thought. And, you cannot breathe for a second. Your chest hurts.
You would rather rant and rave than quietly speak some terrible truth.
My terrible truth is that I believe that letting people die by neglect is the same as murdering them.
Neglecting to provide medical care, food, clothing, and shelter for those in need, who cannot provide it for themselves, leads to death.
Do our lawmakers, who do not want anyone to receive an ounce of charity, a single thing that they do not pay for, a single penny of their tax money, kill those who die from lack of medical care, malnutrition, and shelter?
My heart is beating out of my chest—I believe that there is no difference in killing people by neglect and shooting them in the head.
Do I believe that voters who live in terror that some poor soul will receive a root canal, a cancer screening, a day in the hospital at the taxpayers expense are guilty of the deaths of people who die in our own town, county, state, and nation from neglect? I do.
Here is a common scenario. Someone doesn't have insurance and gets ill. Then...they cannot get insurance. They apply for MA and or disability AND unless they meet very specific criteria, they don't get it. They don't get it even though they cannot work, their doctor tells them not to work, they are physically unable to work… Meanwhile, their illness is progressing. They have to apply 3 times--and, how odd, they have to hire an attorney. THEN, they get disability and MA. At which time, they are past the point of recovery.

To deprive people of “health care” or insurance, or food and shelter is to deprive them of life. Of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness one might say.

Not everyone will go this far, but, yes, I would provide health care and assistance to everyone including illegal aliens, their children, and heroin addicts passed out in the ditch by the road side.

And, yes, of course I also believe that every single one of us ought to strive in every way to be 200% responsible for ourselves, our family members, our dependent children, our parents, our adult children, our retirement, and even help friends and neighbors.

But, in an age when one overnight stay in a hospital plus tests can cost $30,000, a visit to your doctor can cost $200.00, and you cannot get insurance once you have diabetes, no one can afford health care. Individuals are not in charge of the economy and cannot create jobs. In some areas, property values are down by 50%--individuals did not cause that and cannot cure it. People can no longer survive by squirrel hunting and raising a garden.

So, if you vote to deny your neighbors, your friends, and your family members health care, then I think you are causing their deaths directly.

I judge myself by these same standards and find myself guilty—not of how I vote, but of failing to provide sufficient help.

So, I love you and want you to receive health care, food, shelter because I want you to live a long and healthy life. I have seen many people (including children) without health care or the very basics of life and… I cannot even think of appropriate words.

I hope I have hurt your feelings today.

Much love from your friend,


PS  Yes, I know I am a dark, dark person with dark thoughts. You should know my faults!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Cardinal Sinners

Dear Sinners:
My life has been a little boring for the past week, so I thought I’d do a little research on sin.
Imagine my surprise! I thought that the 7 Deadly Sins all ended in “sexuality” as in homo…sexuality, hetero…sexuality, elder…sexuality...
Imagine my surprise! Consenting adults—you can breathe deeply. I meant easily. You can breathe easily.
However, my dear Republicans who have been writing and speaking maliciously and enviously of teachers, union workers and all other accomplished, glamorous, and wealthy people—this letter is for you!
We are all sinners, of course. The difference being that some of us know it and some don’t.
Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings! Oh, you didn’t get it~
Well, I am talking about the Seven Cardinal Sins, of course! Envy in particular!
The Party of Family Values sure is making sinners out of their followers. This is one of the best tactics in the major “Divide and Conquor” strategy and it is working like a Fleet Enema—bringing out the stinkiest in humankind.
I’ve written about this before but I just cannot look away even though it makes my eyes sting, my lungs burn, and, frankly my heart ache for the sinner.
OK, so, let’s talk sin. “Sin” with a capital “S.” Mortal Sin. Sin that destroys from the inside. Sin that destroys the humanity of a person, the charity, the life of grace and compassion. Charity—as in “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity…” Sin that brings the threat of you know where and what. Sin that destroys the loving heart.
Ah… You thought we were just talking politics, didn’t you? No, it is never, “just politics.” Never. Politics is nothing more than the public expression of your private soul—I can seeeeeee you! And, vice versa.
Envy isn’t just greed. It is more malicious than greed. Envy is deeper than greed. It is uglier than greed.
That is why it makes my eyes burn to look at envy. That is why you have a catch in your throat when you read something written with raw unadulterated envy. 
It hurts to see so many people that want to lower the standard of living of those they envy rather than improve their own lives and those of every human being. Wow. That makes my chest hurt.
The Mortal Sin of envy is a desire to deprive others of what they have. Not the desire to go out and get it for themselves. The desire to take something away from others.
So, my dear Sinners, for the love of Pete I am sick of seeing your exposed psyches in public! Put on some psychological clothing, for crying out loud! I know all I ever wanted to, and more, about your sorry excuse for a soul!

Do little old ladies still say to children, “Now, don’t be ugly,” when they say and do repulsive things? I think not, by the way some people are comporting themselves!
The Republican strategy of “Divide and Conquer” isn’t going to change because we let it work.
Enviers, I still love you. I really, really do! I am simply gobsmacked as to why you would envy a Kindergarten teacher’s salary instead of … say… the net worth of a Koch brother or two? Oh, the teachers only work 9 months a year and the Koch brothers inherited the foundation of their wealth! Now, I get it!
Well, slackers, if I were not in fear for my immortal soul and what the neighbors would think, I would be envious of stinking rich beautiful people under 30 years of age. But, what do I know? Maybe you know something about teachers I don’t.

Your friend,

PS Sorry to have no faith in your reading comprehension, but you write ignorant, nasty, envy filled diatribes all over the internet and sign your real names. This reveals to the world the contents of your soul. Please stop because it ruins my dinner.
PPS Great idea--Have protests at churches protesting greed, pride, envy, and gluttony on the part of the wealthy!
PPPS I am guilty of wrath. And, sloth. And,glutton. And, some other thingys. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

VOTER VOTING INFORMATION JANESVILLE Voter voting information Janesville.

Dear Mucnicipalities:

Dear Clerks:

Voter voting information Janesville.  Let's talk.

Let's talk. About voter & voting information in Janesville. And Rock County. And all of Wisconsin. NO PHOTO REQUIRED TO VOTE IN WI ON JUNE 5. YOU MAY REGISTER AT THE POLLS. PROOF OF RESIDENCE IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER. A PHOTO ID IS NOT.

Have you all updated your pages? When did you update your pages? Do they just beg people to get out and vote? NO PHOTO REQUIRED TO VOTE IN WI ON JUNE 5. YOU MAY REGISTER AT THE POLLS. PROOF OF RESIDENCE IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER. A PHOTO ID IS NOT.

Voter voting information Janesville.  And Rock County. All of Wisconsin. I just love this place, don't you? I love information. I love voting. I love voting. NO PHOTO REQUIRED TO VOTE IN WI ON JUNE 5. YOU MAY REGISTER AT THE POLLS. PROOF OF RESIDENCE IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER. A PHOTO ID IS NOT.

I am so hoping that you have all updated your pages on the new voting laws--especially the fact that WISCONSIN DOES NOT REQUIRE A PHOTO ID TO VOTE ON JUNE 5. I do hope that you did that really really fast and that no ugly "voter suppression" get thrown around. My goodness! That sends chills up my spine. NO PHOTO REQUIRED TO VOTE IN WI ON JUNE 5. YOU MAY REGISTER AT THE POLLS. PROOF OF RESIDENCE IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER. A PHOTO ID IS NOT.


"Google:" Voter voting information Janesville. Rock County. Wisconsin. That should take you to some very accurate voting information pages:  IMHO, I think that page should scream, YEAH! YOU DON'T NEED A WORTHLESS OL' PHOTO ID TO VOTE!!!!


Voter voting information Janesville.