Friday, April 7, 2017

Dear Trump Voters

Happy now? 

We certainly got something new and different.

For those who voted for Trump because:  
We have do to something different; (We didn’t.)    
We need someone who isn’t a political elite; (We got a financial elite.)    
We need someone with business acumen. (We got the bankruptcy king.)    

Here is a comparison: 
Let’s hire the CEO of Frito-Lay to be principle of our high school!
Let him choose people for the department heads:
English Dept:  CEO of bank!
Math Dept: CEO of restaurant chain!
Social Studies Dept: CEO of landscaping/nursery business!
Art Dept: Hmmmm… CEO of local hospital!

Wow! Look at all that business savvy we now have!

But... Oh, dear... They are in charge of something that they know nothing about. 

Isn't that refreshing? New perspectives! A business approach!

Now, let them start firing people and eliminating budgets! Let’s improve the English department by firing half the teachers! Yeah!

Let’s improve the math department by… firing 30% of the teachers and cutting the budget!

Art? We don't need no art! Eliminate the art department.

Etc. Ad nauseum.

But, let’s double the security force! And, double the security budget! Hire a private security firm! 

Put up a wall around our schools! Have ICE officials at the doors! 

Who knew that health care is complicated? Every single thinking person in the USA. And, every single person who doesn't or hasn't had health care.

Who knew that there is a history of effort and diplomacy with North Korea?  Career State Department Officials. And, any informed American. And, everyone over the age of 50.

Who knows all about the Middle East? What has succeeded and what has failed? Not me. Not Trump. Not the new Secretary of State.

Well, I am going to apply for a job teaching physics and nano-technology at MIT! Hope I get the job!

Love, love, love is all there is,


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